Escape Games 2021 - Escape Rooms of the Future

Escape Games 2021 - Escape Rooms of the Future

Escape Rooms of the Future. What will the future bring for American Escape Rooms? You’ve solved the Cold War Crisis, escaped from the Asylum, bent your brain with some Mind-Bogglers and avoided the fated  Zombie Apocalypse. You’ve tuned your mind to seek hidden clues, wowed your team of two or family of four. You’ve opened the door in under 60 minutes, beat your score and bested your friends’. But are you ready for escape rooms of the future? Hop on your hoverboard because…

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A girl looking at futuristic holograms

How to Adapt to Unexpected Future Challenges? 7 Pro Tips

No matter how prepared you are, life always has surprises waiting for you at every corner. You can't expect to predict every moment in your life, and beating yourself up for falling victim to unexpected situations is not right. Learning to adapt to unexpected future challenges is how most successful people survive and maintain their success. If you want to learn how to adapt to unexpected future challenges, then follow our 7 pro tips. With American Escape Rooms, you ca…

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A card on a white background

Spring of Survivors: 5+1 Ways to Cope With the Situation

The worst part of any global crisis is how it disrupts our lives. However, most global crises fade away sooner or later, but COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. It’s the second spring of COVID-19, and people are tired of living their lives in fear of being infected. This fear has taken a toll on most people, and their mental health is deteriorating.  To liberate yourself from constant fear and ease your mind, we have shared 5+1 ways to cope with mental stress. …

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A pen poised over a crossword puzzle missing most answers aside from the word "money".

Solve our Mind-boggling Puzzles and Get Ready to Rule the Game

Before you are 3 doors. You have to go through one of them. Behind the first, a fire is raging; behind the second lurks a gunman; and through the third is a lion that hasn’t eaten in 3 years. Which one will you choose? (Answer at the end of this article.) Being the best at solving riddles takes practice, so American Escape Rooms has stepped in as your coach. Not only will you be running the course of mind-boggling puzzles in this 4-minute read, but we’ll also be requiring you…

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Lovers on a mountain with the view of a lake

Best Valentine's Day Events: 5 Lovely Ideas For You

Valentine’s Day is a special time of the year where lovers express their emotions for one another. A lot of people celebrate the day by showing appreciation for the people they love or adore and by sharing gifts. Many people take their loved ones out for a romantic dinner date at a restaurant or go out to have a good time. Some people even choose this day to propose and tie the knot. Apart from giving gifts, you can also enjoy a lot of activities together that you will reme…

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A family celebration in 2021, People drinking Champaign in a family celebration

Family Celebrations In 2021: Have Fun Safely

One of the best parenting advice for 2021 is "when it rains, dance in the rain" After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives have taken a 360-degree turn towards the land of depression and anxiety. As parents, you must be worried about your kids since they won’t get to enjoy celebrations in 2021 like before. However, American Escape Room is here to change things for you and your family!  With an arsenal of online escape games and interactive experiences, your celebr…

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7 Fun Activities To Write In Your 2021 Calendar,. People watching a movie in a drive-in Cinema

7 Fun Activities To Write In Your 2021 Calendar

New Year comes with new surprises and a chance to re-write your story. While 2020 might have been a disaster, you can still make things right by writing new resolutions. All you have to do is make a list of fun activities to write in your 2021 calendar and live by them. It might be challenging, but now that we have somewhat adjusted to the pandemic, and there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy from home.   Thanks to American Escape Rooms, you can say goodbye to boredom a…

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The Best Resolution For 2021: Try Our Escape Rooms!

START 2021 FRESH WITH A FUN ESCAPE ROOM. Change is in the air in 2021 and what better way to make personal gains than to challenge yourself, family or friends in American Escape Rooms. Escape room adventures are played in groups but never with strangers; are great for birthday parties, anniversaries or any celebration! Escape rooms foster team-bonding as well and make great workplace activities to bring out the best in your colleagues and friends with the best value in ent…

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Games to play when bored online

Best Party Games Online! 5 Team Building Ideas During the Pandemic

The pandemic and social distancing recommendations might have changed your plans for your annual corporate event, but you can enjoy the best party games online with your coworkers. Whether you are looking for an old school game that triggers your nostalgia or an escape game that gets your team excited, we have everything you need.  As more people adopt technology to find games to play when bored online, many new options pop up every day. Some of these games are hyper-casua…

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A family playing an online quarantine game

7 Online Quarantine Games for Mystery Lovers

During these challenging times, when we are on the brink of losing our sanity, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for finding a fun activity during COVID-19.  While it may be easy to overlook escape games, we cannot simply ignore their benefits. Compared to other fun activities in COVID-19, quarantine games are safer and more entertaining.  We have a choice of in person, private escape room games in our store when we never mix you with other players, or virtual escape…

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