Great and Safe Adventures New Online Escape Room Themes on Our Site

Great and Safe Adventures: 12+1 New Online Escape Room Themes on Our Site!

2020 will be a difficult year to forget. With most entertainment places shut down due to COVID-19, people have to rely on the internet for their leisure time. If you have been missing your favorite escape games, then don’t. American Escape Rooms has 13 new online escape room themes that you can play from home. From a zombie apocalypse to a ticking nuclear bomb, escape games are full of thrilling adventures, and we are here to explain them to you.  1.    Online Escape Room:…

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Holiday Season: 9+1 Rock Solid Reasons Why it Can Be Happy This Year

Greetings escape room enthusiasts! The holiday season is upon us and we’ve got perhaps the best riddle yet: how to make this season merry, despite a real killjoy Covid 19. Take a trip with us this holiday season and let the creators of American Escape Rooms distribute some rock solid reasons why we can persevere, escape into feelings of contentment and steer the sleigh while the world works together. Cheers to you this holiday season! Let’s make it a good one. Rule #1: Hol…

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A family enjoying thanksgiving 2020 dinner

Thanksgiving 2020: A Survival Guide for Escape Game Lovers

2020 has been a crazy year, where things aren’t what they used to be. Distant family members and friends could enjoy holidays together, but now, they are keeping a safe distance from one another. When everything is going haywire in these chaotic times, we need some normality. We need to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to our loved ones in person. In search of sanity, people have tried different things this year, such as greeting each other on video calls. While all the alone time f…

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A store celebrating black Friday 2020 with black and yellow colored text

Have a Safe Black Friday with Escape Games. 3 Ideas to Have Fun & Save!

Black Friday has always been the day Americans empty their wallets and shop till they drop. This is one time of the year when brands wish Happy Black Friday by offering incredible discounts, and we Americans love all things affordable and sturdy. However, with COVID-19 lurking in the shadows, going out on a shopping spree seems like having a death wish.  There are other ways you can go trigger happy with your credit card. Most retailers have shifted to the digital medium and…

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25 Creepy Halloween Quotes, You May Find In Escape Games

October is here. Happy Halloween in advance! If horror movies, costumes, trick-or-treating, and visiting a Halloween-inspired escape room are on your mind, it’s a sign that spooky season is in full swing. If you are a huge fan of Halloween, you would know how important atmosphere is to the holiday. You can get into that spooky mindset with Halloween quotes. These quotes ruminate on the nature of the unknown, beings that dwell in the dark with mysterious powers, causing us to …

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Carved Halloween Pumpkins with candles

Spooky Halloween Riddles for Lovers of Escape Games

Fall has arrived, and it has brought some fall traditions, like pumpkin spice, ghost stories, and of course, spooky Halloween. Candies, costumes, trick or treating, spooky escape games – these are par for the course on Halloween. How can you add some fun to Halloween night, the spookiest night of the year? By asking each other some Halloween riddles. The point of Halloween is not to be scared but to embrace dark elements like fear and thrill, and telling Halloween riddles is …

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A grey chair sits in an old attic in a haunted scene

15 Ideas For a Happy Halloween

Looking for some great ideas for your Halloween countdown? That’s spooky… we wrote this just for you! Get in the ghostly spirit with tips from the tricksters at American Escape Rooms and join the Halloween Countdown for a spooktacular, Happy Halloween. Muah-ha-ha-ha! Tricks, Treats, Tradition How many of you bought a costume in September, or were the first to pull out the fake skeleton on your block? Halloween themes signal the change of seasons and some of us are ready…

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Black & White of tiny man hanging onto a key stuck in a locked door a la Alice in Wonderland

10 Codes To Solve: Prepare Yourself For Escape Games

1.    KEYS: These keys are similar to the ones you have to find in your “pet rock” in front of the house and will go to boxes, drawers and even doors around the room! If you’re looking for a short answer to crack the codes in escape rooms, keys would be it. But, they’re not the only codes you’ll need to unlock while playing the game. You do have 60 minutes afterall. Keep reading these 10 codes for the less obvious tools you’ll need- and be warned, those math worksheets you…

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Image of a woman stressing over the amount of workload.

3+1 Activities to De-Stress Yourself

Excess stress can bring mental agony and even manifest as physical pain. In the fast-paced world we all live in, slowing down and unwinding is difficult. You have to make time to de-stress for your internal and external wellbeing. But how can you do that? We show you some ways to calm down! Finding time and resources for a much-needed holiday is not only challenging but can also be expensive. We have found some healthy activities that will give you a break you deserve.  …

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Man and woman trying to solve the puzzle inside an escape room.

5 Types of Lock Puzzles in a Room

Escape rooms are a fascinating new way to challenge yourself, your family members, and your friends. Participating in escape rooms or similar escape games can help you conquer your fears and reservations and explore a whole new way to stimulate your mind.  American Escape Rooms are the ideal fun activity that has an element of personal development. Our mind-boggling escape rooms are specifically designed to challenge your skills, test your limits, and build your capacity t…

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