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Gamers and Geeks. Can you Escape from our games in Tampa in 60 minutes or less?


Do you have a knack for cracking codes and solving puzzles? Do you love showing off your skills in online strategy games? Put your skills to the test with friends, family, or co-workers at the best escape room in Tampa, FL. American Escape Rooms has a host of award-winning games for you to try. Book your experience today!

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Play Fun and Family Friendly award winning escape games at American Escape Rooms Orlando


Round up all your friends and family, and bring them to American Escape Rooms in Tampa, FL! Our award-winning escape room experiences are perfect for any event, such as birthdays or anniversaries. Work together to solve unique and challenging puzzles to escape before your 60 minutes are up!

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Escape Game adventures for students and company team building at American Escape Rooms Tampa


There’s no better way to build teamwork and morale than taking on a challenging puzzle the escape rooms at American Escape Rooms will pose. See if your team can break out of our unique and award-winning line of rooms in under 60 minutes! Businesses all over Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, and Manatee County have tried their hand at American Escape Rooms. Book an experience for your next event today!

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American Escape Rooms will provide an exciting challenge to even the most hardened puzzle solvers and code breakers. If you have a family gathering, birthday party, or date night coming up, do something unique—come visit our award-winning escape rooms. Contact us today and book your escape room adventure today!

Best of the best escape room games Tampa

Me and my group of friends did the Mad Asylum and it was fantastic. We've been to a few other places and this one had one of the best flows. We even bought tickets to do another room!

Jessica Weber

Amazing experience ! Our whole group had an fantastic time. Our game master was outstanding. The enthusiasm she displayed made it quite evident she not only loves her job but wants everyone there to enjoy it as well. Great day from start to…

Marie Ziemak

Great time. Great game master. Too bad we failed to defuse the bomb and destroyed the US.

Bo Bishop

Had a great time! Great staff. Can't wait to try out the other rooms

Philip Santoro

I have done two rooms so far and they were both so much fun! The staff is fun and helpful and the game is definitely challenging. I only have one room left...

Amanda Neff

Had a great time in the zombie room was really challenging

Jason Taylor

I did the Mad Professor's Asylum and thought the puzzles were very abstract and very challenging.

Nicholas Mazza

Great place , GREAT EXPERIENCE the front desk lady working was very kind and helpful throughout the whole experience would go again ! highly recomemend

Nickole Ferguson

Freaking awesome entertainment. Coming back for another room!!

Matthew Foster

Our party ranged in age from 90-22 and each person had a great time! The staff was nice and helpful and the game was a unique experience that provided excellent family time. Although it was challenging it was doable and most importantly- it…

Darla S

We have been to several rooms in the area and this was the most challenging. Lots of fun...looking forward to going back!

Tracy Hunter Nelson

Came with a group of 5 , did the Asylum room and it was really fun. Made me wonder how in the word does Sherlock Holmes do this kind of stuff But I would definitely recommend it.

Melanie Maldonado

Awesome!!!!! Fun time with friend, nice staff! Good experience!

Yerandi Rodriguez Figueredo

This would rank among my top escape room locations in the Tampa/St Pete area. We have only finished the Mad Professor themed room so far, and it was well done. The storefront and the room itself were well designed and decorated. Everything …

Corey Duever

Excellent experience would recommend. I thought it was very creative and well maintained

Dennis Guillette

Super fun and a great way to relax from daily stress without just sitting on your butt friendly staff, clean facilities, interesting themes!!!!!!!

Regina F

Did the Cold War Crisis room Saturday and had a blast! The room looked amazing and the puzzles were awesome. Played other escape rooms but this one was by far the best. Very challenging and great for a small group (there were 7 of us) becau…

Cathie Livesey

This was so fun, I can't wait to go back. If you haven't been yet, check it out!

Manda Michelle

We did the Cold War Crisis for my son's 16th birthday. So much fun! We are definitely coming here again.

Virginia Gray

Did the Mad Professor's Asylum and it was pretty good. I have done 3 so far and I was still well surprised by it! This is a good place and the staff are great!

Art Thanupakorn

Fantastic!! We are coming back foe sure to try the other rooms!

Camille King Denton


Alexi Laginess

This was our second time visiting American Escape Room, and remaining consistent, it was a blast. You won't leave disappointed.

Melanie Bell

Great fun. Great crew! Has a professional look and feel. The rooms are challenging and Game Masters are well trained.

Richard J

So much fun! Whole family (10, 17, 20 and adults) loved it.

Candice Roberts Baker

Had a lot of fun. Staff very nice and helpful.

thersa robinso

Took my 3 kids and was worried if they'd contribute or how they would work with strangers. They did great and keep asking to go back.

Matthew Wise

My first visit to an escape room and it was amazing, our guide was very helpful, I cannot wait for our next visit...next time we will escape..lol

Nisha Bayless

Had so much with the zombie room definitely will be back to try to escape

Josh Shoemaker

We have celebrated 2 birthdays and have LOVED everything about it. Staff is wonderful and the game was so much fun but challenging.

Tabatha McLain

This place is amazing...my roommates have gone to, and made it out of 2/3 rooms, and I have gone with my family to the 3rd....we keep coming back

Michelle Sprouse

This was Very Very Fun, it has alot of team building involved. If you're down in Tampa come try it out, it's awesome. The staff is awesome and has lots of energy.

TheFrench Gamer

Tried the cold war room with a group of 4. It was very challenging, but super fun! Both employees that we encountered were super friendly and genuinely seemed to enjoy their job. Our game master Lauren was a gem! She had a great upbeat pers…

Kristina Swoboda

We had a blast in the Cold War room! Didn't make it in time, but we still had so much fun our first time, we have to go back!

Tony Beckett

Such an amazing atmosphere. The nicest people work there and the rooms are fun and challenging. Definitely a must-do in the Tampa area!

Avery Dyen

Had a great time. Family oriented that engaged everyone. Will be doing it again on the next level!

Travis Tinch

Great puzzles in the escape rooms with cool themes and artwork to go along with them and a great staff. They also offer returning discounts that make it super cheap for groups!

Grin Thompson

Did every room with 2 other friends, all of them were great. Well organized, and clean, atleast until we disorganized it a bit. Excellent staff, polite and friendly!

Steven D

Did all 3 rooms and had a blast with our group! Good deal for a night out with anyone!!

Brinkley Tara Edwards

Had a great time doing the Cold War Escape Room! Fun, thought provoking, and definitely something we would do again!

Joy E

I had a great time with my mom today! Bought tickets to do it again! Better than other escape rooms I've been to. Very fun!

Rebecca Storm

Great staff and they have really good rooms! I did the Cold War one and it was really fun. Best escape room experience I have ever been too

Jesse Ashley

All three rooms very well put together!!! Had a great time!

Brittany Steeb

Lots of fun, hard to figure out at first but good guidance.

Madeline Hernandez

We reserved two rooms for my daughter's 13th birthday party and the kids had a blast! Thanks to the staff for giving the extra 5 minutes as a "birthday...

Ian Graulich

Definitely a challenge! Lots of frustrating fun for the whole family.

Stacey Futch Breuggeman

GREAT experience! They were able to accommodate 12 teenage girls (divided into 2 rooms) at a last minute request.

Kae Rae

This was our second excape room here. This time we did the zombie apocalypse. Our group was made up of 8 people and we all fit comfortably in the rooms. This one was definitely more difficult than the asylum, but whenever we needed a slight…

Gina Steward

Fun! This makes for a great family friendly night to think outside the box and work together! Staff is helpful and friendly.

Katlin G.

Loved it! I will definitely be back again to try another room.

Tisha Devine

Family had a great time. Did the Zombie apocalypse room. You get 5 help clues to help you along. We got out with 2 seconds left on the clock.


Great experience and awesome staff! A lot of fun to play and see if you can beat the time! Definitely going again soon!

Chelsi Morgan Oswald

So much fun and worth every penny!!! Great team building experience, and bonding time. Staff was amazing! 100% recommend!

Fernando A. Chonqui

I thought that it was fun for the whole family! The games were challenging but extremely fun to play! I played all three rooms and had a blast the whole time! I recommend it for everyone!

John Stefanic

Came with 4 co-workers and tried the asylum. It was awesome! This is a great exercise in team building, or if you just want a fun night out I recommend you give it a try! I'm looking forward to trying another room!

Debby Rumsey

This place was excellent. We celebrated my son's 15th Birthday and he enjoyed it. This activity is great for team work and/or family quality time.

Joanne Castano

So much fun!! We did the Mad Professor's Asylum. It was very challenging, but we made it out with one minute and twenty-two seconds to spare. Can't wait to go back!!

Katie Weller

This is a great place for escape rooms. I have completed all three rooms now with the cold war room being my favorite and the mad professor being my least favorite. The zombie room has great puzzles but the props in the cold war room are fa…

Yves Jacobs

Went in with a group of strangers in the cold war room... it was a challenge, and you must work together. Overall a great experience!!!! It was wonderful, and we succeeded!!!! I will definitely be returning to do another room!!!

Georgia West

My mom got my sister and I this for Christmas. We had such a good time despite not quite making it out in time. We booked another reservation same day. We will be back to try again!

Julianna Kauffman

Had a great time and experience.We will be back!!!

Kia Gordon

Brought my nephews amd we had the TIME OF OUR LIFE!! SO MUCH FUN! Highly recommend

Jessica Kalen Jeserski – Harper

We had our 13-year-old daughter's birthday party here, and the kids all had a great time. The Cold War Crisis room was our favorite.

Laurie G.

This has to be the hardest and most difficult room we have done so far, it was definitely an adrenaline rush. Great decorations and puzzles in the Mad Professor, would return for the other rooms!


Didn't know what I was getting myself into. I have never done anything like it. I had a great time and would love to come again. Definitely stop on by if you have the chance.

Ethan Cole

It gets the family together and we actually all work together to try to complete each task. Can’t wait to go back.

Colleen O'Rourke Murray

A ton of fun! Challenging puzzles but not overwhelming. We were in the Cold War room and made it to the last puzzle before time ran out. So close!

James Spence

We did the asylum room...first time ever....very thankful for our two additional teammates that came in (veterans at this)...great fun...will definitely do this again

Mary Ellen Blasi Leone

Had a great time! Clues were difficult, but doable, and the hints were very helpful! We did Zombie Apocalypse (just two of us) and almost finished

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