American Escape Rooms - the perfect 60 minute team event

American Escape Rooms Orlando next to UCF, is a new, exciting, fun and entertaining LIVE ESCAPE ROOM GAME in the city of Orlando next to UCF which offers very special and unique experience for teams of 2 to 32 people. The goal is simple yet challenging:
To escape from the room in 60 minutes or less.

This new and fun intellectual challenge is an interactive journey, working with your team mates, understanding clues and solving puzzles in one of our many high quality, mysterious Escape Rooms, in truly thrilling race against time! You can only win if you work as a team. You can find us close to UCF at 12074 Collegiate Way, Orlando, FL 32817.

American Escape Rooms Orlando is a fun ESCAPE GAME for teams of 2 to 40 players

What is an escape room game?

An escape room game is a live event where you and your teammates will have 60 minutes to find clues, solve riddles in a themed room in order to escape.

You’ll have different adventures to choose from and each of them will have a unique theme and mission.

Fun facts

In our experiences the players who have at least one child among them perform better…maybe children are more creative?!

Those players who arrive 10-15 minutes before their scheduled game start usually start their game on time :)

American Escape Rooms Orlando. Four award winning family friendly escape room game adventures

Best of the best escape room games Orlando

SO MUCH FUN! Our spirit, was the best...I can't say enough. Wish I lived closer so I could go back all of the time.

Erica T.

The Thomas family loves a good escape room. The games were challenging, but not impossible. The game masters were helpful and fun.

Tina Christina Rice Thomas

Great room with challenging puzzles. Booked to take on Zombie Apocalypse the next day. Very friendly and courteous staff.


Lots of fun and intrigue. Went as a family with our 30s sons. We had a blast. Very challenging trying to figure out how to escape. Great family activity. Staff were great. Go early so you are not stressed.

Susan M

We loved it! Mad Professors Asylum is great and tough! Very well set up!! You guys rock!

Gina Waterman

This place is amazing. The staff is friendly and attentive, and quick to respond. The experience was great, with clean rooms and a good, fun challenge.

Ryan Latterell

This was my first time doing an escape room and all I could say is.... WOW! It was awesome, and the best part about it was our game masters

Perla L.

I've done several escape room venues and that was definitely the most fun that I've had. We already bought a return visit.

ereka wl

The staff was great the room was awesome we didn't get to disarm the bomb but it was so much fun getting almost to the end! You have to think outside the box and if you get stuck they give you a little help! Really good for a first date to …

Juan Abinader

Very exciting challenge! My wife and I were not able to escape within an hour but we had fun. We should have used more clues earlier to possibly escape. The staff was helpful and polite! I would strongly recommend this for a group vs couple…

Ronnie Bland

LOVE THIS PLACE! Done all but Zombie Apocalypse! The rooms are so fun and challenging! I can't even begin to explain how nice and fun the staff here are. They're wonderful, and always make the experience memorable. Highly recommend!!!

Jasmine Profitt

Went as a spur of the moment thing to do with my kiddo during her summer break. We did the Zombie room and it was awesome. Not too scary for my DD who is 9.

Joy E

It was fun & challenging. The staff was very nice. We will definitely be back.

Lynne Weiss Garrow

Great staff and awesome rooms! Sorry for traking the keys lol

Rigo Fuentes

We had an awesome time!! So much fun, bought enough vouchers at the end to finish all of the game rooms there. We really enjoyed the staff. We loved it and can't wait to go back. Nice job making our nights guys.

Jason Celen


Sarah Brangman

Friendly staff, fun and clean. We had a great time!

Becky Sue

Lots of fun! This was out second time and we made it out the mind boggling room with just under 12 mins left and we didn't use any hints! We brought our 15 yr old daughter with us and she loved it. We plan on going back to try the other roo…

Erika Mendez

Game was well set up. Place was clean. Gamemaster was terrific with his pre and post game explanations, as well as clues throughout. Would definitely return!

Faiza Steiner

It was our first time and we went on Father's Day. I can't say enough about how great an experience we had! We did the Mad Professor's Asylum room and it was great! Cannot wait to try the other rooms as soon as possible!

Lynn Ann Dudek Wood

We came as a group of six with 2 extra people who joined, and we had a blast! The employees are super nice and funny!

Sarah Freeman

It was so much fun, the kids (teenagers) loved it and me and my husband did too. Our game master was really cool and helpful.

Jeaniel Rodriguez

I went with my with colleagues and we had a blast working together to solve the puzzles. We made out with just a few minutes to spare. They have four different rooms you can try.

Jeremy Riehl

Our group had a great time. This was everyone's first time trying an escape room. Our game master tonight was awesome. We will be back.

Susan E.

We did the mad professor’s asylum as our team building challenge. This was the first escape room for all 8 of us and we all enjoyed it. I highly recommend. We will be back!

Michelle Mouton

Had a wonderful time! I went my my mother and two sisters and it made us think and work together ! We were in the room "Mad Professor's Asylum" and our "spirit" was very helpful and funny ! I recommend you to come here, everyone is very fri…

Andrea Cummings

our group combined with another - thought it may be awkward but it was a real blast! We had a great time and the time flew by! Will def try another room next time!

lee B

Fantastic experience! Our group had such a great time, an the escape room was super challenging and fun; thank you for a great afternoon!

Karen Marie

That was so much fun!! This was our first time and we figured it our win no hints. it's the longest/shortest 60 mins of your life. Lol

Amanda Smith

We did the Mind Boggling room with 2 adults, 4 teenagers, and an additional 2 adults who were not part of our group. We used 4 of our 5 clues and escaped with just under 7 minutes to go. This was the 4th room we've done and I would definite…

Allie Cosens

This was our first experience in an escape room and didn't know what to expect. We had a great time! My husband and I were paired up with a family of 5, and there was plenty for each of us to do and figure out. We made it out with 46 second…

Cheryl Werner Collester

So much fun and great service. We have already booked our second escape!

Leslie Bratton Greenwood

This place is amazing.. staff is friendly and patient.. definitely going back. So much fun

Jess Sanchez

We came from out of state to visit family and decided to try the escape room while here! We all had so much fun!! We will defiantly be back!!

Alicia Brzezicki

What a great experience. Staff is nice and friendly.

Roxann Gerrits

Had my nephews here from Rhode island and am always looking for fun and different things to do with them. 12 & 14 years old and they had a blast as well as their "older" ( ha!) Aunt and uncle. Would recommend to everyone and defiantly want …

Heather Jones-Knisel

We went there for my birthday. We had an amazing time. It was so much fun! Our assistant was awesome! I highly recommend it.

Jodi Sammel Michaud

We had a ball!! The host ginger snaps was awesome!! We got out of the mad scientist room with a minute to go. Take that haters!!

Joe Paul Gerardi

Had a great time in the Zombie room. Came here for our staff Christmas party and will definitely come back again!

Candice DeNucci

This is the best escape room place in Orlando! Their website has difficulty levels on each of their rooms so you know exactly how challenging each room will be.

Nicole Y.

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The room was so much fun, plan on going again real soon.

April Bruce

My friends brought me for my birthday and it was the best birthday present ever. Had so much fun.

Marlene Andujar

Had a great time! Would definitely do it again! Staff were friendly and helpful.

Deborah Schneide

My Kids had fun. I bought the deal for our next visit! Easy to book and friendly staff.

Silvia Andion

I had a great time there

Steven Hill

We did the Mind Boggling room and the Zombie room and both were incredible!

Carlee Confer

What a great experience! Staff was fun and helpful. Escape room was tough but we escaped!

Ray Capetillo

First time! Won't be our last. I was apprehensive at first, being locked in a room with "stranger-danger" hello? However, our common goal of escaping/solving puzzles and genuinely having a good time prevailed! Although we did not escape the…

Patricia Phillip

Wonderful place! Our guides all went above and beyond for us. Great themes, details, service and hospitality. We've done many, many game rooms and this place is definitely one of our favorites. Thanks for a great night out!

Gwen Celen

My family had tons of fun! The registration process was easy and the staff was very friendly. This was our first Escape Room experience and it’s definitely something we’ll try again. We had a tween hanging out with us and everything was coo…

Camaal Moten

This was my first Escape Room experience and I'm sad I waited so long to try one! The Cold War room was awesome!

Amanda Stokes Ferguson

We have now accomplished all of the rooms, we have so much fun going as a family. Everyone in the family adds something to the experience and it really brings you closer. Save your money on a movie ticket and do this, you won't regret it.

Patricia C

Had a blast...did the zombie apocalypse. It was super challenging! We wii definately be back to try the other rooms!

Shelly Bensch

I had a wonderful time! My mother, sisters, & I really enjoyed it . We'll have to come back again!

Delicia Cummings

it was very entertaining, the staff was very friendly and excellent customer service. The challenger 5 stars. For sure we'll come back for the next challenger...!!!

Jc J

This place is awesome!! Our guide was awesome as well!! We will definitely be back!!

Ashley Hilyer

People who work here are always so friendly and funny and the rooms are challenging but doable. I've been here multiple times and plan on going again. Prices are reasonable, especially for groups.

Gabrielle M

It was a great room (Zombie apocalypse)! Lots of fun even though we failed! Can’t wait to do the Mad scientists lab!

Patrick Turcot

Was my first time in a escape room. Loved solving Mad Prof Asylum with my siblings (& cousins)

Mujtaba Ali

This was our third trip to American Escape Rooms in Orlando and it was the best yet! We escaped "Cold War Crisis" and had a great time doing it! All of the rooms are great here.


So much fun! Zombie apocalypse! We didn't solve the puzzle before time ran out but it was still an absolute blast and we will be back for sure! Great staff and loved the room set up!

Levi Kayla Kilgore

Had a great time celebrating a birthday here. The staff was funny and helpful and the room was challenging.

Heather Bixler Jenkins

Awesome time here! So much fun and a great challenge that we couldn't escape, lol.

Melissa Castro

Just got back from completing Zombie Apocalypse with my family, we also had some great people in our challenge. We're over from the UK and will be 100% booking another challenge when visiting Florida next. Great staff and great value... Tha…

Lee Tanner

Went with a group of 6, coworkers/team builder. We had a blast. So much fun.

Joanna Daglia Starling

The rooms were amazing and had great features. I am definitely going again!

Sam Herrod

Had a fantastic time! Looking forward to going back again soon to finish the Cold War Crisis room!

Drew Hockman

The guys loved it, they had a blast. The environment was clean and the employees are friendly. They completed their mission and they can't wait to go back. They played the game with 6 other stranger's and worked well together!! We will be b…

Yvonne Mora

We did all 4 rooms in a week and loved them all. They were challenging and fun. We've done dozens and dozens of rooms and this place is consistent with the quality and flow of their rooms.

Monique Griffin

We did Mad Professor's Asylum and it was fantastic. I thought the theming was good, the puzzles were a good mix of thought provoking but not overly difficult.

Vickee Johnson

It was so much fun we booked another room right after! Great staff and a awesome atmosphere.

Kyle Heath

I always have a blast here when I visit.

Alison Marsh

This place is amazing! You really have to think outside the box to escape. The staff was really friendly and helpful.

Kandra Ellis

This place was sooooo much fun, they have 3 other rooms and we plan to do each one! I hear the Cold War is a great challenge...

Misty Layland

We visited as a coupe first and attempted The Cold War Room, we’re no strangers to escape rooms and this one was excellent! We were a few puzzles from escaping but we loved the challenge

Catherine K

Such a great experience, we did the zombie apocalypse room and it was so much fun, everyone in the party enjoyed themselves.

Brenden M. Wright

Guess who had a great time escaping??? Usss!!! Yasss we made it out with 15 minutes to spare. We all worked as a team and it was AMAZING! Will be doing this gin very, very soon.

Jasmine Gonzalez

Wow! Absolutely loved this place! We did the Cold War room and had a blast! Can't wait to try the other rooms!

Donna Hackett-Mello

Super awesome!!! Been Twice and I think I'm hooked!!! Can't wait to go back. Great fun and awesome staff!!!

Yadira Iesha

I've done all four of the rooms and it's a lot of fun and definitely challenging. I got out of three of the four rooms! I definitely recommend this.

Lexi Marie

Great Experience! Very challenging and fun. Great fun staff.

E.J. Alexander

Had a great time! Very challenging. Communication is key.

Michelle Smith

It was an awesome time! Can't wait to do another!

Jeff Peters

We had such a great time! We did the mind boggling room and it was beyond challenging, so all 5 of us had to work really hard.

Melissa Castro

My husband and I went with our teenagers. It was a lot of fun! I highly reccomend it!

Amy Phillips

Get your family to put down their cell phones for an hour to have some family fun together. This was our first escape room experience, but it won't be our last! The room was very challenging and fun.


Our Game Masters were great and the rooms super fun and challenging. Would definitely come again!

n santana

Nico and staff at AER in Orlando are amazing! Thank you for the good times!

Frank Ritz

It was an amazing experience. I would like to say thank you to our guide for making this a great experience.

Mina L

Loved tackling the Zombie Apocalyse with 4 of my friends. Tough room to escape but we did it. Good thing we listened so closely to our game masters and his instructions. What a BLAST! We'll be back to do another of the rooms next time we al…

Jill Bowers

My wife and I just did two rooms, Mind Boggling and Cold War Crisis and we had a wonderful time. This is must for newbies or seasoned players. Well done decorations and challenging puzzles will enhance the fun

Cody Snyder

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The facility was clean and welcoming. The game was a blast. Great clues.

Ursula Phillips

First time and a great experience. Lots of fun and very challenging! Would highly recommend.

David Murphy

Great Experience!! Our guide was awesome, completely enjoyed our experience:-)

Sarah Terlep Lawson

had a great time NOT solving the puzzle! Shout out to our Game Master - made the game lots of fun.

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