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3+1 Best detective stories to read before going to an escape room

Have you ever thought about the relationship between literature and escape rooms? Have you ever heard about C. Auguste Dupin, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple? All escape games are based on the chain of mysteries which hide the code for the escape. Your task is to get closer, step by step to the exit through brain-challenges. That was exactly the goal of the upper-mentioned detectives as well: to figure out who had been the perpetrators of the actual crime throu…

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Pencils, tablet, to-do list for August

3+1 things you must do this summer before getting back to school!

It is August, again! We have to get back to school soon! How? We have just finished the last tests, but we can write the next one soon. In the summer, time passes definitely faster! Never mind, we have some more days left to enjoy the holiday! Due to our limited free time, let's spend it meaningfully with such experiences whose memory can give you power, motivation even on the greyest morning!  However, smartphones, virtual reality provide you with a vivid world, the mos…

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“Make this day great” written on a glowing box

Ways to increase your productivity.

If you often feel like there’s a lack of productivity throughout your day, welcome to the club. Having problems with our productivity levels is something that we all experience. Fluctuating productivity can be frustrating, as you want to do things but somehow aren’t able to.   However, there are ways to fix that. You can successfully get back the consistency that’s required to achieve the maximum amount of productivity that you can. All you need is the will to do so, and th…

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Birthday set up.

Try the 5 best birthday party ideas

Sweet sixteen can be the most important birthday of your life, isn’t it? But all birthdays are fun, exciting, and special. You wait a whole year to celebrate your day your way. And why not? Your one and only sweet sixteen should be a unique day with nothing but immense adventure and exciting activities. You deserve to be treated with nothing but the best, and you for sure should throw a huge birthday party to celebrate.  Invite everyone you know (that way you get more pres…

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Girl with hammer

Rage Room vs Escape Room: Which one should you choose?

Today’s everyday challenges are different compared to the mountain man’s one. We are more controlled, physically less active and mentally more overloaded. Nowadays, some extra “applications” to reduce our stress level are essential to survive in a human way. Do you sometimes need to let off the steam? Are you fed up with your boss, with the other gender and with the world at all? Do you feel the need of a profound cool down because the inability to solve some difficulties mak…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Play Escape Games On Vacation

7 Reasons Why You Should Play Escape Games on Vacation. Planning a vacation? Add playing escape games to the itinerary. Read further to understand why playing escape games help you have the best vacation! The vacation season is something everyone looks forward to. It allows you to take some time off from your everyday life and blow off some steam. So, what should you do on a vacation? Well, American Escape Rooms is a great place to visit if you’re looking to have so…

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What is the comfort zone and how can you escape it?

For a great percent of people, waking up early in a grey, muggy morning is a huge effort. However, some athletes are already at dawn on the track running despite drizzling rain. Were they born so tough or are they made from Lonsdaleite? Moreover, what is the answer for the phenomenon that in a risky situation we can perform over our limits and we feel the power like the heroes do, however, after some minutes when the threat has gone we are powerless again?  Why are we able …

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Beach in Florida from birds eye view

5 best places to visit in Florida.

Summer is in full swing and your holiday destinations await you. Find out about the coolest places in Florida to plan the perfect holiday. Summer is here, and Florida is calling for a holiday. We’re sure you want to plan the perfect trip with your people, one that guarantees fun and adventure. However, planning the perfect trip can sometimes be tricky. More so, if you don’t know much about Florida. Fortunately for you, Florida has many great places that you can visit t…

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Being stuck in quarantine can eventually get a little boring. However, visiting an escape room and playing an escape game be very exciting. Read on to know more.

How to spice up your life with new games!

Sitting at home and doing nothing can be very boring, especially in this pandemic. You can easily run out of exciting things to do. There are ways you can still have fun and survive this pandemic. Visit American Escape Rooms and take a look at the escape rooms designed for you – distracting you from all the negativity in the world right now. Play escape games now and embark on an adventure. Aside from that, there are also a few other things you can do to keep yourself enterta…

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How playing escape games be helpful in this hot spring: 7 ways you can beat heat.

7 ideas to cool yourself down during this hot spring.

Spring is here, and it is hotter than ever. How does one escape such heat? It is a common question that everybody is asking. The only solution is to come up with ways that can help you survive the hot weather. Take care of yourself while also keep yourself entertained. Make yourself a chilled glass of lemonade and play games that will get you through the day, for example, an escape game. Visit the American Escape Rooms now and learn more about it. In the meantime, here are…

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