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This week’s fastest escape time from Zombie Apocalypse in Tallahassee

This week’s fastest escape time from Mad Professor's Asylum in Tallahassee

This week’s fastest escape time from Mind-Boggling in Tallahassee


Rank Team
Players Time Remaining Hints
Game Date
1st Team CC Crew 8 55:01 3 Mad Professor's Asylum - Tallahassee 06/30/20 08:45 AM
2nd Never Broke Again 8 50:31 4 Mad Professor's Asylum - Tallahassee 07/20/20 11:45 AM
3rd Cirucus Freaks 8 32:04 0 Mad Professor's Asylum - Tallahassee 08/18/22 01:15 PM
4th The Commie Crushers 5 28:29 0 Mad Professor's Asylum - Tallahassee 10/23/20 01:15 PM
5th OOFER GROUP 4 28:14 5 Mind-Boggling - Tallahassee 11/01/20 02:45 PM

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We had a great time. The game was well run. The had some puzzles that we had not seen before. We have already purchased out next adventure to try out a different room.


I have heard so much about this experience saw it on Big Bang Theory and In the Middle but was still kinds confused on how it worked or how it could be fun! But once you are in there working quickly to solve the clues the adrenaline kicks i…


We did the Mind Boggling room (as newbies). We had a blast. Every clue is so well thought out, and our game manager was always there when we needed her. We were lucky to get out with 2 min left, so we had some moments of panic. We will cert…


Did every room with 2 other friends, all of them were great. Well organized, and clean, atleast until we disorganized it a bit. Excellent staff, polite and friendly!

Steven D

Had an absolute blast testing my creative thinking and problem solving skills to escape these rooms! Took my stepsons who are 9 and 12 and they loved it as well! Fun, engaging and unique experience for our entire family! Mind Boggling and Z…

Allison M