7 Online Quarantine Games for Mystery Lovers

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During these challenging times, when we are on the brink of losing our sanity, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for finding a fun activity during COVID-19. 
While it may be easy to overlook escape games, we cannot simply ignore their benefits. Compared to other fun activities in COVID-19, quarantine games are safer and more entertaining.  We have a choice of in person, private escape room games in our store when we never mix you with other players, or virtual escape room games, you and your freinds log in via zoom, and our game master runs around the game for you, while you are all playing remotely.

Enter Virtual Escape Games.

Escape games are used to offer players a live-action experience, in which the player would immerse themselves in the dynamics of the game. They must work together to solve clues and find their way out of a precarious situation. However, virtual escape games are just that, with a little innovation. 

How Does It Work?

Now, you can enjoy an online escape room from the comforts of your home without even the slightest chance of catching the novel coronavirus. Online escape rooms connect participants with the game server through the website and a zoom call over the internet. The players have 2 active connections, and both play an integral part in this quarantine game. 
The zoom video call will be streamed between you, your invitees, a representative from the online escape room, and your agent. While the physical escape game had you and your friends in a room, online escape rooms have you sitting behind the desk and your agent on the field. 
The agent is like your physical body on the field who will respond to your command. You can ask the agent to look up, down, left, right, or even request them to pick up objects and move things. Don't worry about your agent's safety. Every nook and corner of the escape room is thoroughly sanitized to prevent contact with COVID-19.

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7 Online Quarantine Games for Mystery Lovers.

 Now that you have an understanding of how online quarantine games work. You can imagine yourself enjoying these 7 amazing online quarantine games for mystery lovers by American Escape Rooms. We have 13 online rooms, but here are the first 7 to try!

1.    Online Madness.

 Step into the shoes of a secret agent working to stop a deranged professor from experimenting on humans. This quarantine game reels you in with an introductory video from your special ops commander, who briefs you about your mission. The time Is not in your favor in this thrilling adventure, and a failure would mean an unknown fate at the hands of the deranged professor. 

2.    Nuclear War Online.

 Just as a nuclear war threat slowly starts to deescalate, a rogue agent plans to use a nuclear warhead to end the world. The headquarters assigned their best spy on the task, but his whereabouts are unknown. With the clock ticking and not many options left, you are our last hope. Take control of a trained agent through your screen and navigate your way through dubious traps. You are the world's last hope in this online quarantine game so make sure you take every step carefully.

 3.    Zombie Apocalypse Quarantine Game.

A test-tube filled with a virus slips from the hands of a naïve lab assistant. The emergency protocol immediately locked down the lab, but the virus has already escaped into the open. After falling where they stood, the worker slowly regains their consciousness. The virus has turned them into zombies, and it's up to you and your team to find the antidote somewhere in the lab. Are you truly ready to take on zombies and save the world in this horror escape game?

 4.    Murder Online.

 This online quarantine game will immerse you into the thrilling adventure of a weary traveler who stops at a motel in the middle of nowhere. You find yourself staying at a hotel that is famous for missing people. Take control of a scared and confused traveler and solve clues inside your room. Fail to do so, and you won't survive to see the sunlight.

 5.    Prison Online.

 Slip into the life of an innocent person framed for a crime he did not commit and is sent behind bars. As the cell door firmly shuts, you find yourself trapped in a hell hole. You have to prove your innocence, but it's only possible when you are not behind bars. This quarantine game will test your patience and perseverance because this is not your regular prison.

 6.    Aztec Online.

 Turn the time back in this quarantine game and step into the life of a treasure hunter. The year is 1519, and you are in a jungle near the Mexican capital city of Tenochtitlan. You make your way to find the treasure and discover that the city is not what it seemed. Now, your problem is not finding the treasure; it's escaping with it.

 7.    The Matrix Online.

 Reality is not what it seems, and something has profoundly changed. This quarantine game takes you into the world of the matrix where machines have taken over. There is a virus that can overthrow machines if it's uploaded on the main server. You and your team have been tasked with this duty. There is a lot at stake, so make every move thoughtfully.

 Ending Note.

 In these challenging times, we are looking for a way to stay connected with our loved ones. Escape games have been excellent in bringing families together and building stronger relationships. Moreover, these are great as team building activities in a corporate environment. Now that you can play your favorite escape games online, there is nothing between you and endless hours of fun.