One team, one hour, one mission!

60 minutes live escape game!

Play BOMB! The Cold War Crisis award winning Escape Game at American Escape Rooms now.
Play the Mad professor’s Asylum award winning Escape Game at American Escape Rooms now.
Play The Zombie Apocalypse award winning Escape Game at American Escape Rooms now.

American Escape Rooms is a fun, intellectual & interactive challenge. Working as a team you must solve clues and puzzles to escape from one of our award winning games within 60 minutes.
One team, one hour, one mission!

How It Works

Gamers and Geeks. Can you Escape from our games in 60 minutes or less?

Gamers & Geeks

Are you capable of breaking codes, and solving puzzles? Or you are an experienced online strategy or game player? American Escape Rooms is the fun and interactive live event we created just for you!

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Play Fun and Family Friendly award winning  escape games at American Escape Rooms

Family & Friends

Family get together, birthday and anniversary celebrations or looking for a great time out? Bachelorette and Bachelor parties will never be the same again! Date Night just took on a whole new twist!Challenge yourself and have great fun at American Escape Rooms!

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Escape Game adventures for students and company team building at American Escape Rooms

Companies & Schools

Need a perfect 60 minute team building event? American Escape Rooms is the perfect place! Do you want a totally new superbly enjoyable and exciting program which doesn't need any preparation? Proven to be successful for both the business and the employees? American Escape Rooms delivers!

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Best of the best escape room games

Did every room with 2 other friends, all of them were great. Well organized, and clean, atleast until we disorganized it a bit. Excellent staff, polite and friendly!

Steven D

A great experience for friends and family, a way of coming together and becoming a team. Fantastic for a bored or rainy day.

Lauren H

I have heard so much about this experience saw it on Big Bang Theory and In the Middle but was still kinds confused on how it worked or how it could be fun! But once you are in there working quickly to solve the clues the adrenaline kicks i…


I tried this escape room yesterday and had an amazing time. We tried the Mad Professor's Asylum. The atmosphere was captivating and immersive. The sounds are what got me. I don't want to give anything away, but the sounds. Creepy. Very intr…

Jason B

Super fun and a great way to relax from daily stress without just sitting on your butt ?friendly staff, clean facilities, interesting themes!!!!!!!

Regina F

After not being able to get out of the room within an hour, my colleagues and I humbly admitted defeat. But we had a blast!! Ben, our guide, was amazingly pleasant and catered to our team like a true professional. I highly recommend him fo…


We did the Mind Boggling room (as newbies). We had a blast. Every clue is so well thought out, and our game manager was always there when we needed her. We were lucky to get out with 2 min left, so we had some moments of panic. We will cert…


We had a great time. The game was well run. The had some puzzles that we had not seen before. We have already purchased out next adventure to try out a different room.


Very fun, definitely a must visit if your in the area. Fun, challenging, place was a hit with all of us. Can't wait to go back!


This was definitely a day I will never forget. The rooms where very challenging. But at the same time very fun. We actually made it through all 4 rooms. At the same time I reached out to the manager and told him I was thinking about proposi…


Great area close to shopping and Food!!! Close to University.. The Most wonderful Staff.. The Thrill of the Adventure in all the rooms with founding Clues..keeps your mind going, RECOMMEND for all ages and groups!!! Amazing Adventure..get r…


Had an amazing time! Rooms definitely made u do a lot of thinking and just when u thought u were done there would be another surprise that kept u thinking. Great for all. There were kids as young as 8 up to adults and everyone really enjoye…


Had an absolute blast testing my creative thinking and problem solving skills to escape these rooms! Took my stepsons who are 9 and 12 and they loved it as well! Fun, engaging and unique experience for our entire family! Mind Boggling and Z…

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