Company: American Escape Rooms LLC
Registered Address: 6039 CYPRESS GARDENS BLVD, STE 143, WINTER HAVEN, FL 33884
Mailing Address: 6300 N WICKHAM RD, STE 130, PMB 200, MELBOURNE, FL 32940
FL Company Registration number: L15000117502

American Escape Rooms LLC

Since being founded in Hungary Europe, “Escape Room” retail sites have sprung up all over Europe and Asia, and are now beginning to appear in major cities across the USA. They mostly have two common themes; firstly their owners first experienced “Escape Games” in Europe and want to copy them, and secondly, they are single site businesses or have just a handful of locations.

The founders of American Escape Rooms do not need to copy; they include the innovators of the format from Europe, combined with a management team with a track record of success and rapid development, who plan to make American Escape Rooms the leading North American “Escape Room” brand.

Gabor is experienced in 5-6 different business segments, including being the 100% shareholder of a market leading regional beauty and fragrances web shop, and the 100% shareholder of many other internet sites and the 100% shareholder of and, the leading European Escape Room business.

A father “of two children”, “a wonderful wife” and “an even better Labradoodle!” Andy is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of building successful start-up and retail businesses. From being the youngest franchise holder for a large UK Electrical retailer, a top performing regional manager for the world’s largest mobile company Vodafone (Retail) to co-founding the first company in Europe to sell ring tones and other mobile content to the mass market, via print media, on-line and in Tesco, the UKs largest retailer. Andy is an energetic interactive pioneer, responsible for record breaking interactive events, votes and competitions in Europe and a passionate and experienced retailer who puts customers at the heart of everything he does.

A US Resident since 2007, the co-owner and founder of a pack and ship retail business and promoting 30+ vacation rental villas

Born in 1962 in Budapest, father of three children and successful owner and manager of several businesses.

He established Don Pepe Ltd (a Hungarian restaurant chain) in 1989. In the last 26 years he has developed his company to become one of the most successful businesses in the Hungarian catering market. The chain includes a country-wide network of sites, including à la carte restaurants, take-away units, and food-court fast food outlets. The company has won many professional awards and accolades.

He is also the owner of Szatmári Family Winery (established in 2003) which is located at Lake Balaton area in Szigliget. The winery offers the multiple award winning white Szigligeti Vulcanus wines.

After achieving his PhD in Mathematics and undertaking postgraduate studies at Princeton University, Jeno founded the Telemedia Group and has overseen its growth into a world-wide operation. In addition to providing leadership, he is responsible for the strategy and development of the group as its Chairman.
The Telemedia Group is the largest live television gameshow production company in the world, producing thousands of hours of live TV shows monthly in multiple countries.,

Tibor developed, owns and operates 11,000 square meter office building in Budapest. Tibor also owns a telemarketing company and an advertising agency in Europe. He is co-owner of several bars and restaurants. Tibor owns a sport center and is a keen football (soccer) player.