Zombie Apocalypse

Where can you run from this infected world?

The world has gone crazy! Savage wars are turning the Earth into a wasteland of destruction and ruins. If that wasn’t enough a fanatical scientist has now developed a virus that could wipe out the entire remaining human race. This biological weapon has already been deployed, and the virus has mutated, turning almost every living creature into zombies.

It’s your team’s task to carry out experiments and find the remedy to this apocalyptic virus. This duty is not an easy one. There will be plenty of traps and difficulties to face and overcome along the way. Time is not on your side either, in one hour when the sun goes down, the living dead will crawl out of the shadows... This is your last and only chance to save mankind.

Difficulty: 4/5

Escape rate: 38%

Time: One hour

Players: 1-8

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My family & I just finished the Zombie Apocalypse & it was so much fun. This is my 3rd escape room but the first one with American Escape Rooms & THIS PLACE TAKES THE CAKE. Newbies & veteran room players will enjoy the Zombie Apocalypse...s…

Leilani B

It was a lot of fun! It was my first time doing an escape room! Zombie Apocalypse was great!!!

Amanda H

We had a group of 7 in the Zombie Apocalypse room. This was my first escape room experience, but the others in my group have done it before. It was really fun and challenging. We escaped with about 6 minutes left!

Patrice B S

Had an absolute blast testing my creative thinking and problem solving skills to escape these rooms! Took my stepsons who are 9 and 12 and they loved it as well! Fun, engaging and unique experience for our entire family! Mind Boggling and Z…

Allison M

Great experience! Awesome staff , very helpful. Tough room. I got eaten in a Zombie Apocalypse because apparent " I aren't very smart " haha. But it was so well thought out!!

Maria M

The Zombie Apocalypse, a family friendly horror escape room, offers stunning visuals and a unique experience for lovers of the genre. In this game, you and your team will be the protagonists in a post-apocalyptic setting, and it will be up to you to find a cure and save the world from complete demise.

The Setting: Immersive Family Friendly Horror Experience

In this family friendly "horror" escape room, you will find yourself in the laboratory of the evil scientist who created the zombie virus. In order to escape, you have to look for clues and carry out various experiments, and all of this in only one hour! Props, lighting, and sound effects are used to create the horror atmosphere in this escape room. These can also provide you with important clues, so make sure you always pay close attention. You can hear blaring sirens and zombies approaching with suspenseful flickering lights that make you feel like you are in a zombie-infested environment. If you choose this horror escape room, which is appropriate for families as well, prepare for jump scares, suspenseful moments, and tension-building elements that help you get completely immersed in the game. Although the space is horror-themed, at American Escape Rooms, the focus is on the challenges so even youngsters can enjoy it without finding it too scary. All of our award winning escape room games are family friendly and age appropriate for players aged 12 and up.

Escaping from zombies

The Storyline: Surviving the Family Friendly Horror Escape Room - Zombie Apocalypse

The world has changed, countries have turned against each other and unceasing wars have plunged the land into devastation. One scientist, losing his humanity, created a cruel and destructive virus and unleashed it. The virus mutated until it turned humans into the undead, rising from their graves after sunset to wreak havoc. This virus is highly contagious, and within a short time, the remnants of humans will fall prey to it. That is if you don't do something. Only you and your team can save the world, but you only have one hour to experiment and find a cure. When time runs out and the sun sets, the zombies will come to life and leave nothing behind. Are you ready to save humanity?

Gameplay Mechanics

A captivating theme and storyline are required for horror escape rooms appropriate for families to succeed. All escape games have a set scene that is usually described in text or video form, but this is optional to understanding the puzzles in the game. In addition to helping you understand the game's goal and setting your personal goals, they hide several clues, so reading through them is essential. Arriving 10-15 minutes earlier at the family friendly horror escape room will allow you to read through all the rules and the storyline comfortably, and you can ask questions from the game master.

The family friendly horror escape room is designed to completely immerse you and your team in the game. It begins slowly, then the tasks become more challenging, and the clock keeps ticking; as you solve the first few puzzles, they become increasingly complex, and with the time limit, you must think faster. Efficiency and good teamwork become increasingly important as the clock is ticking.
In a horror escape room, which is appropriate for the whole family you always need to be on high alert and cannot leave any stone unturned. You can find several types of puzzles in a game like this, so make sure you divide the tasks between your team members and help each other find the solution.

Zombie hands

Family Friendly Horror Escape Room Puzzles

The number and text puzzles are the most frequently found in these games. These can include basic math problems, crosswords, sudoku, or any hidden numbers or letters in the room.

Physical puzzles can also be found; you must move objects, untie knots, and open locks. Light and sound can also be an indicator of essential clues. Always listen to the lyrics, the words in the background, the well-lit areas, and the shadows.

Hidden objects can contain information necessary to escape from the room. Look for books on the bookshelves, things inside the drawer, hidden shelves, and boxes. Visual design is an important aspect as well. Take a look around the room; look for symbols, patterns, paintings, and photographs.

Logic is your best asset when entering a family friendly horror escape room, so prepare for exciting logic puzzles. Never settle for the easy answer; it isn't the correct answer if something seems too easy. Keep all of this in mind because you will face many combination puzzles during the game that combine multiple techniques from above to make the gameplay more challenging for you.

Difficulty Level

Flow and difficulty balance is always crucial in puzzles. Several team members can solve different puzzles simultaneously and reunite with the solutions to find the next clue. Teamwork is essential when it comes to family friendly horror escape rooms; you will have to communicate with the members and unite clues constantly.

It is vital that you share your discoveries and that you listen to your teammates as well for a fun and fulfilling experience. It is helpful to get to know your team members' strong suits to divide up the puzzles accordingly but be ready to help out if someone gets stuck.

Emotions can run high as the hour gets closer to the end, so make sure you always take a few moments to calm yourself and keep a clear head while working on the clues. After participating in a horror escape room game designed for families, your team will feel united; make sure that you celebrate your achievements after your big win!

Difficulty Level and Time Constraints

The Zombie Apocalypse, a family friendly horror escape room, is more challenging; the difficulty level is moderate, so for beginners, it might be better to choose an easier game. It is the perfect choice for those with a little bit of experience in escape rooms, as the theme is highly immersive, and the puzzles are challenging. You have 60 minutes to escape the room and find the cure for the virus; the puzzles become more complex as the clock ticks. Good time management skills are a must to win this game since you will constantly have to decide which puzzle and clue to move forward with and how much time you can spend on each one of them.

Looking for clues

5 Tips for overcoming challenges

Family friendly horror escape rooms are fun, but only if your team works well together and creates a good experience. Here are five tips on how to beat an escape game and triumph.

Make a team

To make a team you can attend with colleagues, friends or family. Horror escape rooms allow you to get to know your team members on a deeper level and learn about their talents and skill sets even more. When putting together a team, you should always keep in mind the maximum and minimum team size that the escape room can host and the personalities of each team member. The best teams are the ones when people have a variety of different skills and personalities because, in this way, everyone can add their views and ideas, and the gameplay will be easier.

Clear communication

Groups who communicate and work well together have a higher chance of success in family friendly horror escape rooms, and communication starts from the very first moment. As soon as you enter the room, make sure you make a plan, talk about ideas, and, most importantly, share your clues! Players often make the mistake of not communicating clearly and working on the same puzzles twice. Still, you must remember that everyone is fully occupied, and sometimes they don't see what another team member is working on. For this reason, it is crucial that you share when a puzzle is solved and a clue is found.

Communication is also essential in stressful situations. When the time is running out, emotions can run high, and you might feel like a lot is at stake. To have a good and fulfilling family friendly horror escape room experience, it is crucial to take a few seconds to calm down if necessary and address issues in a calmer tone. This will help keep the peace in the team and find a solution since the more relaxed you are, the more rational you think.

A big part of communication in horror escape rooms designed for friends and families is listening. Ensure everyone is seen and heard in the game, as they can provide important information. Even when an idea seems terrible initially, you should always keep an open mind because a good family friendly horror escape room might always surprise you!

Looking for clues

Keep puzzles and clues organized

There are tons of puzzles to be solved and clues to be found in a family friendly horror escape room, so our advice is to find a centralized spot where you can collect them and keep them organized. This will help you to overview them and get back to them if necessary. Sometimes when you prioritize puzzles, you leave the most difficult ones to the end after you finish everything else; we advise you to make a separate pile for unfinished tasks so it is easier to get back to them.

As you only have 60 minutes to escape, you will see that keeping everything organized will save you a lot of time. You should take the clues with you from room to room and find new spots to keep them because you never know when you will need them again.

Divide the workload

Dividing up the work between teammates is one of the most important things, just like helping teammates out. It may be helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes or hands look at a puzzle or figure out a directional lock if someone struggles to solve it. Sometimes a different team member can help place puzzle pieces, try keys in waves, or enter a safe combination. Always double-check logistical things like that; after all, problem-solving isn't the only thing that matters.

Additionally, if you are stuck on a puzzle, you should bring in another group member to help you out. Always remember that this is supposed to be a fun game with family and friends, even if sometimes it feels different.

Ask for help

A pro tip is to arrive earlier at the family friendly horror escape room so you can carefully examine the information provided by the game master and ask all your questions beforehand. Although horror escape rooms made for the whole family are designed in a way that you can completely immerse yourself in the experience, you can always ask for help if you need it.

Sometimes the puzzles and the clues can be tricky, and the time is running out fast; for this reason, the game masters are there to ensure you have fun and guide you through the game. They know the escape room inside out and want to help you.

Bonus tip

Family friendly horror escape rooms are games at the end of the day and they are designed for you to have a fun and unique experience with colleagues or loved ones. It is not important if you win or lose, having a good time should always be the final objective. Horror escape rooms are challenging and most people will fail their first one, but the more you play the more experience you will gain and the more likely it is that you will win the next time around, so don’t give up! Enjoy the journey, the puzzles and the exercises and the American Escape Rooms team will make sure that you have the time of your life.

Winning zombie apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse winning tips

Horror escape rooms, which are made for everyone above 12 are fun to spend time with friends, family, or colleagues. They provide an immersive experience with stunning visuals, sound effects, and challenging puzzles in all categories.

The Zombie Apocalypse, a family friendly horror escape room, sends the right amount of chills down your spine as you try to save humanity by testing out antidotes to the zombie virus before the sun sets and the zombies come for your brains. The room is equipped with various puzzles, from numbers and texts to logic puzzles and objects. Your team has precisely 60 minutes to save the world, or all will be lost! To save humanity, American Escape Rooms collected a few tips and tricks you can use to win.

  • First, you have to assemble your team; it can be friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Always keep in mind the number of minimum and maximum members for the horror escape room.
  • Make sure you communicate clearly, share your results with others, and stay calm even in the most stressful situations.
  • Keep your puzzles and clues organized so that you can access and overview them quickly when necessary.
  • Divide the workload equally between team members and help them out if needed.
  • You should also ask for help immediately when you feel stuck.
  • You can ask for help from the game master as well if you can't find a clue and the time is running out, don't forget that they are there to help you.
  • Most importantly, remember to always have fun, and after you escape the family friendly horror room, celebrate with your team and talk about the fantastic experience you just had!

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