Zombie Apocalypse

Where can you run from this infected world?

The world has gone crazy! Savage wars are turning the Earth into a wasteland of destruction and ruins. If that wasn’t enough a fanatical scientist has now developed a virus that could wipe out the entire remaining human race. This biological weapon has already been deployed, and the virus has mutated, turning almost every living creature into zombies.

It’s your team’s task to carry out experiments and find the remedy to this apocalyptic virus. This duty is not an easy one. There will be plenty of traps and difficulties to face and overcome along the way. Time is not on your side either, in one hour when the sun goes down, the living dead will crawl out of the shadows... This is your last and only chance to save mankind.

Difficulty: 4/5

Escape rate: 38%

Time: One hour

Players: 1-8

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First time! Won't be our last. I was apprehensive at first, being locked in a room with "stranger-danger" hello? However, our common goal of escaping/solving puzzles and genuinely having a good time prevailed! Although we did not escape the…

Patricia P

Had a great time! Clues were difficult, but doable, and the hints were very helpful! We did Zombie Apocalypse (just two of us) and almost finished

Brittaney J

Great experience! Awesome staff , very helpful. Tough room. I got eaten in a Zombie Apocalypse because apparent " I aren't very smart " haha. But it was so well thought out!!

Maria M

Amazing time!!!! Definitely recommend!! There were 12 of us... 6 men and 6 women! Every one of us had a blast! The Mad Professor and Zombie Apocalypse rooms were so challenging! Staff was top notch! We will be back!!

Kim B

So much fun! Zombie apocalypse! We didn't solve the puzzle before time ran out but it was still an absolute blast and we will be back for sure! Great staff and loved the room set up!

Levi K

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