Cold War Crisis

Time is tickin' away...

It’s October the 27th 1962. The tensions between nations brought on by the Cold War are almost unbearable. A renegade state agent is planning an attack which will plunge the world into a nuclear war. In his secret bunker full of explosives he has built his own nuclear bomb and the countdown timer has already started. In just one hour from now humanity’s last war will begin, unless you can defuse this weapon of mass destruction. Your team’s mission is to infiltrate the agent’s secret base, defuse and disarm the nuclear bomb in less than 60 minutes, otherwise, we all must face the worst... The chance the whole of humanity will be destroyed by a nuclear armageddon!

Difficulty: 5/5

Escape rate: 31%

Time: One hour

Players: 1-8

Best of the best escape room games Orlando

Four couples went for a date night. We had an awesome time! Our game host was hilarious and we had a great time. We did Cold War Crisis (the hardest room) and finished it with 12 minutes to spare! Only one couple had done an escape room pri…

Allison M O

We had a team of 5 that went on Christmas Eve day and had a blast! We choose the Cold War Crisis room. It was very well put together and very challenging. Our Game Master was awesome and we're already trying to plan our next visit. Highly r…

Danny B

Wow! Absolutely loved this place! We did the Cold War Crisis room and had a blast! Can't wait to try the other rooms!

Donna H M

We did Cold War Crisis. Really enjoyed it even though we didn't escape.

Sara S

Went in with a group of strangers in the Cold War Crisis room... it was a challenge, and you must work together. Overall a great experience!!!! It was wonderful, and we succeeded!!!! I will definitely be returning to do another room!!!

Georgia W

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