Cold War Crisis

Time is tickin' away...

It’s October the 27th 1962. The tensions between nations brought on by the Cold War are almost unbearable. A renegade state agent is planning an attack which will plunge the world into a nuclear war. In his secret bunker full of explosives he has built his own nuclear bomb and the countdown timer has already started. In just one hour from now humanity’s last war will begin, unless you can defuse this weapon of mass destruction. Your team’s mission is to infiltrate the agent’s secret base, defuse and disarm the nuclear bomb in less than 60 minutes, otherwise, we all must face the worst... The chance the whole of humanity will be destroyed by a nuclear armageddon!

Difficulty: 5/5

Escape rate: 31%

Time: One hour

Players: 1-8

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My friends and I went yesterday and did the "Cold War Crisis" room. Our Game Master was very on top of things, even so much as hearing me when I said I wasn't sure if I had cut my finger or not. Our clues that we used were very helpful. I f…

Brittany A

We did Cold War Crisis. Really enjoyed it even though we didn't escape.

Sara S

Exceeded my super high expectations! We did the Cold War Crisis room, even dressed up in 60's attire, for my husbands birthday! It was so cool! Super interactive and high tech! The clock stopped as soon as we diffused the bomb. We had 12 mi…

McKenzie L S

We did the Cold War Crisis for my son's 16th birthday. So much fun! We are definitely coming here again.

Virginia G

This was my first Escape Room experience and I'm sad I waited so long to try one! The Cold War Crisis room was awesome!

Amanda S F

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