Mad Professor's Asylum

Don't panic! Bravery test!

Your team are about to be thrown into the mysterious insane asylum of an evil and mad professor who has been over taken by dark forces. Your team’s bravery and ability to work together under pressure will be tested by this adrenaline fueled challenge. The Professor’s tricky and ingenious puzzles may bring your team to the verge of insanity. Hidden in the depths of his psychiatric hospital, you will need to solve the puzzles to avoid the perils of this Mad Professors torture chamber, and the terrible end that comes with it if you fail. Be prepared for a fierce battle of minds, where you will clash with the mysteries of the dark and be taken to the edge of madness. You have just one hour to escape this nightmare or you never make it out alive. Do not under estimate the challenge as your sanity and possibly even your own souls are at stake.

Difficulty: 4/5

Escape rate: 39%

Time: One hour

Players: 1-8

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I did the Mad Professor’s Asylum room with a few friends and had an amazing time! Our Game Master was incredibly friendly and easy going which made the experience that much better. We managed to finish the room with plenty of time to spare …

Thomas H

Came with 4 co-workers and tried the Mad Professor’s Asylum. It was awesome! This is a great exercise in team building, or if you just want a fun night out I recommend you give it a try! I'm looking forward to trying another room!

Debby R

We did The Mad Professor’s Asylum room...first time ever....very thankful for our two additional teammates that came in (veterans at this)...great fun...will definitely do this again

Mary Ellen B L

Just finished playing Mad Professor's Asylum and it was super, so much fun! Our Game Master was fantastic.

Jonathan G

We did the Mad Professor's Asylum Room and had a great time! The staff were awesome!! Will definitely be going back to do another room!

Kathy E

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