Mad Professor's Asylum

Don't panic! Bravery test!

Your team is about to be thrown into the mysterious insane asylum of an evil and mad professor who has been overtaken by dark forces. Your team’s bravery and ability to work together under pressure will be tested by this adrenaline fueled challenge. The Professor’s tricky and ingenious puzzles may bring your team to the verge of insanity. Hidden in the depths of his psychiatric hospital, you will need to solve the puzzles to avoid the perils of this Mad Professors torture chamber, and the terrible end that comes with it if you fail. Be prepared for a fierce battle of minds, where you will clash with the mysteries of the dark and be taken to the edge of madness. You have just one hour to escape this nightmare or you never make it out alive. Do not underestimate the challenge as your sanity and possibly even your own souls are at stake.

Difficulty: 4/5

Escape rate: 39%

Time: One hour

Players: 1-8

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Was my first time in a escape room. Loved solving Mad Proffessor’s Asylum with my siblings & cousins.

Mujtaba A

I tried this escape room yesterday and had an amazing time. We tried the Mad Professor's Asylum. The atmosphere was captivating and immersive. The sounds are what got me. I don't want to give anything away, but the sounds. Creepy. Very intr…

Jason B

We did the Mad Professor's Asylum and it was a blast! That time went really fast, but the game master was a wonderful help to our group of 7. I will definitely be returning!

Latoyia F

It was our 1st escape room - Mad Professor’s Asylum - and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We were with another group but we all worked as a team and everyone played a part. Children will enjoy it too and ours did and actually solved important clu…


Did the Mad Professor's Asylum and it was pretty good. I have done 3 so far and I was still well surprised by it! This is a good place and the staff are great!

Art T
Mad professor’s asylum

Overview of Mad Professor's Asylum, the Ultimate Escape Room Madness

The escape room is set in an abandoned asylum, creating a creepy and atmospheric environment. The room is meticulously designed to resemble the interior of a deranged scientist's hideout. The escape room's narrative revolves around a brilliant but unstable scientist, known as the Mad Professor. The Mad Professor conducted bizarre experiments and unethical research within the asylum's walls, leading to his ultimate downfall. The escape room offers an immersive experience through its detailed set design, recreating the atmosphere of an asylum. Participants will feel a constant sense of tension and anticipation as they navigate the dark corridors and unravel the secrets hidden within the room. The puzzles and challenges within the escape room madness are designed to keep participants on their toes, ensuring an adrenaline-filled experience.

Difficulty Level and Adaptability in this Escape Room Madness

Mad Professor's Asylum is rated 4 out of 5 in terms of difficulty, indicating that it presents a significant challenge for participants. The escape rate for this room is 40%, which means that only 40% of teams successfully complete the escape room within the given time limit. The room's high difficulty level ensures an engaging and mentally stimulating experience for participants who enjoy challenging puzzles and brain teasers.

With a relatively low escape rate, in this escape room madness participants will face a formidable task, requiring effective teamwork, critical thinking, and efficient time management. Participants who have tackled other escape rooms in the past will likely find Mad Professor's Asylum engaging and satisfying, as it pushes their problem-solving skills to the limit. The intricate puzzles and complex challenges within the room require a certain level of familiarity with escape room mechanics and puzzle-solving strategies. While newcomers and beginners are welcome to take on the challenge, it is advisable that they have some experience or be prepared for a demanding and mentally stimulating experience.

The 1-hour time limit adds an element of urgency and excitement in this escape room madness, driving players to think quickly and make decisive choices. Even if a team doesn't manage to escape within the time limit, the experience is sure to be filled with suspense, excitement, and memorable moments.

Crazy scientist in escape room madness

Team Building and Social Interaction in this Escape Room Madness

Teamwork is essential in Mad Professor's Asylum as participants must work together to solve puzzles and overcome challenges in this escape room madness. The escape room encourages effective communication among team members to share discoveries, ideas, and insights.

Collaborative decision-making is crucial for progress in this escape room madness, as different team members may uncover vital clues or have unique perspectives on solving puzzles. The room's complexity and time pressure necessitate efficient teamwork to maximize efficiency and complete the objectives.

Mad Professor's Asylum fosters problem-solving skills by presenting a series of intricate puzzles and enigmas that require creative thinking to solve in this escape room madness. Participants must analyze and interpret clues, find connections between different elements, and apply logical reasoning to progress.

The escape room madness challenges critical thinking by encouraging participants to think outside the box, consider alternative solutions, and adapt their strategies as needed.

Safety and Accessibility Considerations in this Escape Room Madness

  • The safety of participants is a top priority at Mad Professor's Asylum escape room madness, and strict safety protocols are in place.
  • The escape room has been designed with safety in mind, ensuring that participants can enjoy the experience without any major risks.
  • The staff overseeing the escape room madness are trained to prioritize the safety and well-being of the participants and are ready to assist if needed.
  • While every effort is made to create an immersive and intense experience, Mad Professor's Asylum takes precautions to minimize potential concerns related to claustrophobia or jump scares.
  • The escape room madness is designed to provide enough space for participants to move comfortably without feeling confined or overwhelmed.
  • Jump scares or sudden loud noises are used sparingly in this escape room madness, and the intensity of the room is carefully balanced to ensure an enjoyable experience for all participants.
Escape room science madness

Escape room tips & tricks for this Escape Room Madness

If you want to enjoy your escape room madness experience to the fullest, follow the winning tips and tricks below and make the most of your time!

Pick your puzzle well in this Escape Room Madness

It is important that you choose a team that resonates with the whole group. Maybe all of you are horror fans, so trying out the Mad Professor’s Asylum escape room madness can be stimulating and interesting for everyone. Most escape room puzzles are solvable even without extensive background, but having a solid grasp on the subject can give the group more confidence during finding clues. Difficulty level is also important to consider, make sure it is hard enough to entertain but easy enough to enjoy.

Strengths and weaknesses in this Escape Room Madness

During the escape room madness, the atmosphere can become chaotic. Delegating roles and responsibilities becomes more challenging as everyone shouts and races against the clock. Pre-game huddles can be helpful for reviewing team members' skills and areas of expertise. When entering the escape room madness or beginning the clock, take a moment to share your strengths, for example, wordplay, foreign languages, mental math, or lockpicking. This discussion can help clarify which team members should be assigned which tasks during the game, as well as reduce the amount of debate and discussion during the game.

The importance of facilitators in this Escape Room Madness

Good escape room madness involves facilitators to lead groups through the games. These guides are professionals who are present in the room throughout the game or may deliver rules and setup before the fun begins. When solving riddles, the guide provides pointers; sometimes team members need to ask for hints directly, but in some cases the game makers hide clues within the script, so listening is key. Players should also take note of the rules. When guides advise not to mess with outlets, peek in the ceiling, or destroy furniture, these declarations are to protect the room from damage and players from harm.

Communicate through this Escape Room Madness

Solving clues requires teamwork, and good teamwork requires communication in this escape room madness. Talking to your group is one of the best strategies for winning escape rooms. Players have a limited time to beat the challenge, and you have to find a way to speak with each other in the most efficient way. Team members may feel slighted if other players do not respond to their ideas, especially if, at the end of the game, the guide reveals that the answer or instinct was correct. Always announce your findings loudly to the rest of the group, but not so loud that you outyell and overpower your teammates. Repeat yourself or ask follow-up questions if you are still waiting for someone to respond. Making eye contact with teammates is the best idea to improve your chances of being acknowledged amid the excitement. Announce every action to ensure team members save time repeating the attempt. Remain alert to your team members’ announcements during this escape room madness. As tempting as it may be to focus on the task, tuning out your teammates can lead to missing out on essential details and maybe even losing the game.

Hidden clues in escape room madness

Watch the clock in this Escape Room Madness

There is no escaping the fact that time passes very quickly in escape rooms, especially when the group gets caught up in solving riddles, and if you fail to keep track of the clock, twenty minutes could pass on a single puzzle before the guide shouts the five-minute warning. The escape rooms are timed challenges, and keeping track of the minutes is crucial. You can assign one member of your group to be the timekeeper, and you can set alarms at regular intervals to keep track of the minutes.

Keep your cool in this Escape Room Madness

Being calm and composed under pressure is one of the most essential tricks for escape rooms, and the pressure and time limits can make even the most innovative professionals panic. This game might be an escape room madness but make sure you don’t go mad for real! If forced to make decisions quickly, people may freeze up, give up, or act absentmindedly. To win escape rooms, you need to remain clear-headed and unfrazzled. The clock ticks either way, and there is no natural consequence to not escaping the room beyond damaged pride. By keeping a calm mind you are more likely to think up solutions, and the group will enjoy the game much more.

Time in this Escape Room Madness

The gamemasters will not create riddles that take longer than an hour to solve, even if perseverance can help you solve a puzzle in this escape room madness. Escape rooms are designed to be solved within set amounts of time. It takes time to think up a solution and experiment, but completing the task should be fast. For example, if you need to pick a lock for ten minutes before it opens, you probably need a different key or combination if the latch remains closed.

Numbers, letters, and symbols to solve this Escape Room Madness

Escape room puzzles often involve numbers, letters, and symbols, so pay attention if you see them. These items may seem out of place in an escape room; however, gamemasters may make numbers and letters blend in in trickier escape room madness to increase challenge. These elements may form an important clue. Even if the letters, numbers, and pictures do not crack the current clue, you may need to use these lines later in the game. Always take a mental note to get back to them later on.

Collect keys in this Escape Room Madness

In escape rooms, locks are a common feature, and keys are one of the most common clues. Collecting keys is one of the most obvious hints. The gamemaster may hide keys in non-obvious locations, or may include extra keys to confuse the group. If you find multiple keys, gather them all in one place and make an announcement every time you find one. One lock is usually opened by only one key to prevent confusions.

Look out for objects in this Escape Room Madness

In order to make clues easy to locate, gamemasters often use objects that stand out from their surroundings in a subtle yet significant way, such as items not normally found in a room, a different color of paint, or worn objects. It is common for designers to alter details in paintings, words in books, change font styles, or add arrows to text. It is important that you pay attention to every little detail in order to win.

Escape room madness

Why Mad Professor’s Asylum for your Escape Room Madness?

Escape room games are the new hype when it comes to a fun experience where you can use your intelligence, imagination and spend time with your coworkers, friends or family in a stimulating way. The Mad Professor’s Asylum escape room madness is a unique game where escape room veterans can try their luck and get out of this truly crazy situation. Make sure that the difficulty level is right for your team, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out, we are happy to help! Make a reservation today and have the time of your life!

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