Brain Teasers and Tricks to Better Thinking Minds

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Brain Teasers and Tricks to Better Thinking Minds

A powerful thing to waste but a wonderful thing to invest in - the mind is said to be responsible for your perceptions, baseline mood, and within its power, your quality of life! We even found a quote about it “moving walls” - a trick you can take with you to brain teaser challenges like American Escape Rooms! (wink, wink). If the mind is the hinge to creating your best life - how are you using yours to improve it? Do you depend on word brain teasers, riddles or number brain teasers to stay sharp? While those are important to brain health we’ve found they might not be enough. Staying in the best shape of your mind is all about your association with the inner and outside world. We’ve assembled the top 7 ways to do this and challenge you to remember them for the short and long-term.

Have you ever tried solving a riddle or brain teaser in a bad mood? 

It’s not shocking that information is poorly received to a grouchy brain. And solving word brain teasers or riddles after an argument changes your ability to see things from “the other side”. We have to breathe. We have to calm our reactive brains to make our best thinking possible. And the same applies from math brain teasers to negotiating contracts to figuring out whose turn it is to do the dishes!  


  • Open Your Mind

In addition to feeling the effects of positive vibes, you’ll be more receptive to new information getting you to the end of the puzzle or brain teaser. Now you’re freed up to learn new languages or ways of thinking. You’ve been promoted on your debate team or asked to give your take on the current crises in the world. Best of all, you can remember that you were the one who did the darn dishes last night and that your partner pledged to take today’s heap. How many words did that take? Stay sharp with these riddles and brain teasers, and remember: Smile and the world smiles with you!
Word Brain Teasers for Polyglots
Word Brain Teasers - English

 Pond with ducks, colorful trees, and park benches

Sometimes we have to get outside, literally! Hit the pavement or pick up your dirt bike and take a break from the rhythm of life. A study published in Business Insider describes 12 benefits of finding a trail, throwing on a swimsuit or even swinging in the park. Time away from the problem or brain teaser you’re stuck on could be the missing clue! The article also cites improved mental and physical health including: the ability to focus, reduce inflammation, improve short-term memory and even fight cancer. 

  • Explore the Great Outdoors

Scientifically speaking, being outside has definitive benefits for your mind-body connection. And if we’re taking a holistic approach, can provide a sense of calm and restoration. If you’re looking to work your mind into its best shape to make some brain teaser magic, you should seriously reflect on the amount of time you get outside. Riddles and brain teasers can still be done from a beloved park bench as long as you look up for the roller-bladers and ducks. Pack a picnic; take a stroll! Outdoor activities not a part of your daily To Do’s? Don’t stress on a complete schedule change; start small!

 Baby steps: Nature Riddles for Children

Have you ever been to an American Escape Rooms challenge? It helps to be clever; it helps to be curious. And it also helps if you’re a boss at riddles and brain teasers for either children or adults! So far we’ve established staying open to new information may also mean taking a walk in the park, but now let’s state the obvious. Brain teasers for adults, like math brain teasers or word brain teasers, are important tools to keeping your mind sharp because What we don’t use, we lose! 

I’d like to solve the puzzle 
Man resting head on hand holding pencil and puzzling over a crossword

  • Think Creatively

“What goes around the world but stays in a corner?” (Answer at the end of this paragraph.) … Spoiler: It’s a stamp. Because we don’t have time for games! But we should. Brain teasers not only provide endless entertainment, but the best care for your smarts. An elastic brain is the product of good mental exercise like word brain teasers or puzzles and one that you want on your side for the real-life brain teasers at work or in relationships. So think about that for a while!

Author’s Mid-Blog Check-in: How are you doing?

Friendship is another factor to staying sharp and stems from mutual trust, shared goals or interests, or forced proximity between two or more persons. It’s important to our brain development to nurture human relationships in some way so find that so-called tribe for brain teaser success! Your pals will reduce your stress and provide a safe, supportive network. They’re your best collaborators to brain teasers for adults - challenging and motivating one another to do their best work while bold-face lying about each other’s fresh haircuts.

  • Find Friends

It is human nature to interact and bond with one another. Do you have a group of friends or at least one other person who likes to swap vegan recipes via email or chat about your Shark Tank idea? Do you have a support system for when you break into blogging or eat that vegan lasagna? Communication keeps us going whether by visit, text or body language. Connect with others and get more right on your crossword or brain teaser calendar on the daily.

What are you craving for your next meal? We know it’s not that lasagna… Finding out which foods nourish your brain and body is just as important as getting out in nature, finding your tribe, learning new things or getting those brain teasers in each morning! Food may not be a one-size-fits-all, yet here are a few items that are reported to improve mental dexterity in both word or math brain teasers that you might find interesting: oily fish, dark chocolate, berries, nuts and seeds, whole grains, coffee, avocados, peanuts, eggs, broccoli, kale, and soy products. Perfect! We’re drinking coffee right now.

  • Choose Your Food

What food do you need for your fit brain lifestyle? Get serious about what you need to function at your peak and maybe jot down a few items in that list above. Training the brain is sort of like training for any athletic performance except you’re running mental hurdles in a constant, internal relay.

What is the coolest and most awesome of all the vegetables? *Answer at the bottom.
 Gorgeously plated closeup of vegan lasagna with vegetable flower garnish

And now: Stop thinking too much. At least that is part of what The 7 Rules of Life says for you to do, or not do… Oy! We have a headache. This next item should be easy to store. What makes you happy? Brain teasers make us happy. In fact here’s some more.

  • Get Happy

Put on you thinking caps and ask yourself what makes your world awesome? It can be person, place or thing… or brain teaser. In fact, why don’t you think up your first 2 phrases on your happiness list and see if you can’t incorporate them now before the next blog wipes out this one. You are following these right?

Finally, let’s get up and move! Seriously, we’ve been typing this for a while. For every hour spent at a desk, 5-10 minutes of movement or stretching is recommended. In addition, the average recommendation for moderate cardio is 30 minutes 5 days a week and more intensive cardio for 20 minutes 3 days a week. How is that for a math brain teaser?

 Grey brain with legs mid-stride jogging on treadmill

  • Get Moving

Brain teasers are complimented by just as strong a dedication to physical movement. Whichever stretching or exercise program suits your lifestyle is the one you should do! The endorphins produced in your brain have a positive impact on your ability to make decisions and think creatively to solve those brain teasers. By the way, have you figured out the vegetable riddle?


Brain teasers: Positive Mind. Positive Thoughts. Positive Life.

Brain teasers are a sure way to stay sharp, but paired with the rest of our tricks you’ll be first pick for any trivia night, Mathlete tournament or escape room challenge. Don’t forget, walking away from a problem could be your best tool to solving it. Finding friends to joke with gets your mind in place for memories. And physical exercise has a positive impact on your brain teaser game and lifestyle! Next time you get to the grocery store, grab more than pop tarts and frozen pizza. Get outside, even if it’s on your apartment’s balcony. Phone a pal and share this article! And stay healthy out there, readers! And remember this: Positive Mind. Positive Thoughts. Positive Life.