7 Ways to Save Humanity from a Nuclear War

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7 Ways to Save Humanity from a Nuclear War

Nuclear explosions result in a bang and an explosion that destroys everything in its path, from people to objects to just about anything on the surface. Surviving a nuclear apocalypse with your life intact is nearly impossible, but you can still find a way. 

Escape games have the ability to equip you with the skills to survive a nuclear war. Read on to find out as we cover the top ways you can save humanity for a nuclear explosion. 

How to Survive a Nuclear Apocalypse.
Radioactive Substance for Nuclear War

1. Be Ready: Locate a Safety Bunker.
If an emergency arises, you need to be ready and you need to be able to save as many people with you as possible. An underground, metal bunker is one of the most failsafe ways to protect yourself from the harsh, radioactive rays. A nuclear bomb simulator can be a great way to gauge how ready everyone is that at the first distant sound, they’ll be quick enough to get to the bunker in time.

2. Seek Safety on Land.
If we’re being realistic, there aren’t many bunkers and underground basements in most states, so where do you hide then in a nuclear war? Even a very solid, strong house can save lives. It’s possible for each neighborhood to have a designated safety house that is built with the sturdiest materials and has the most amount of space to house everyone in the vicinity. 
It’s important to have a number of safe houses to make sure that everyone has a space to stay inside and are not exposed to the tainted air from the blast, even if they’re at a distance.

3. Stay In Safety for the Right Amount of Time.
There are experts who suggest that one must stay in their safe space for up to 12 hours or more after a nuclear annihilation to ensure that the radiation has passed and it’s safe to breathe in the outside air. In fact, it is recommended to stay in the safe space for at least 24 hours after an explosion. 

4. Take Safety Measures.
Regardless of how close you are to the explosion, the radiation can cover extraordinary distances. Once you reach inside, remove all your clothes and thoroughly wash your skin to remove any potential radioactive material. Even once you’re inside, go into the center of the house as an additional safety measure. Make sure you take your pets with you and give them a shower in case they were outside when the explosion happened. 

5. Save Yourself Outdoors.
Even if you have safety trial runs, it’s likely that not everyone will be able to get indoors to safety. In such cases, if you’re inside your vehicle, stop in a safe space, and duck down as low as you can. In other cases, look for a bush or a vehicle you can take protection under. It won’t completely protect you from the rays, but it’ll still have some benefits.

6. Communicate.
In this age of technology, the majority of people have their smart devices with them at all times. Tune in to the news to find out more about the blast and what the anchors have to say about the nearest safety spaces, the extent of the explosion, and so on. Reach out for help by calling an emergency helpline or even posting on social media. With the world having some experience with nuclear power, suits that can protect you from radioactive material have been invented, and it’s possible that someone might have access to these and can come and help you out.

7. Get Medical Help.
For starters, don’t eat or drink anything that you suspect may have been exposed to the radioactive substances. Once the shock of the use of nuclear weapons and the effects of the blast have worn off, seek medical treatment to ensure that you haven’t been impacted by the radioactive waves.


 Nuclear Explosion

Train Yourself.

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