Best escape rooms in the US - you'll find them in Florida!

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Best escape rooms in the US - you'll find them in Florida!

Escape rooms are the new craze and for a good reason. They are considered a cool team-building activity and an exciting and fun pastime where you can develop different skills. Overall, the best escape rooms provide an experience like no other.


Planning a fun activity with family, friends, or colleagues? Do you want to fill your vacation with memorable experiences but don't know where to go? Don't look any further! In this article, we gathered all the information you need about escape rooms and where to find the best ones in the US.


What is an escape room?


An escape room is a gaming experience where participants uncover clues and solve puzzles in order to escape from a themed room. Players usually have one hour to complete the challenge. Working closely and communicating with your team is crucial for the success of the activity. Depending on the puzzles' complexity, difficulty levels vary from easy to extra hard.


Why can the perfect escape room provide you an incredible experience?


When you exit your first escape room, you feel you have achieved something amazing. There is no better way to experience the thrill of learning, solving puzzles, and overcoming difficulties than by participating in a unique experience with family, friends, or colleagues. One thing is sure: during this experience, you’ll make memories that last.


What exactly makes escape rooms so popular?


The best escape rooms provide a unique and challenging experience unlike anything else. Players must use their wits and teamwork to solve the puzzles, all while fighting against the time to escape the room.



What is the flow experience?


The so-called flow experience is one of the main reasons people enjoy the best escape rooms. Flow is a mental state in which a person is completely immersed in an activity, loses track of time, and feels entirely in control. When you are in a flow state, you can ultimately live in the moment and experience your surroundings thoroughly.


Have you ever been so focused on something that you lost track of time? Chances are you experienced flow. You can experience this when your skills match the challenge of the task that you are doing. In a flow state, you forget time and immerse yourself entirely in the present moment. The more times you experience flow throughout your life, the more fulfilled your life will feel.


friends having fun


How do escape rooms promote flow?


The best escape rooms promote flow by challenging participants to solve puzzles and work together to win before the time limit expires.


This immersive experience is rewarding and enjoyable, and participants may feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The best escape rooms also stimulate the reward center of the brain. The brain's reward center releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, motivation, and reward.


When players in an escape room solve a puzzle or find a clue, their brain releases dopamine, which creates a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. This dopamine reinforces problem-solving behavior, motivating participants to continue participating in the activity.


The social aspect is another reason why people enjoy escape rooms. Participants work together to solve puzzles and win the game, which can help to build relationships, improve communication skills, and boost teamwork. Teamwork and communication are essential in the best escape rooms, so they are perfect for families, friends, and co-workers.


Man solving puzzles to get the flow experience


What characteristics define the best escape rooms?


The best escape rooms must be fun and challenging and have an exciting theme, good puzzles, and clear instructions so you and your team can immerse yourselves in them. With so many options, how do you know the best one for your team? Selecting the best escape room is vital for an exciting and memorable experience. Here are some essential characteristics you should look for when choosing one of the best escape rooms.


Immersive theme


The best thing about escape rooms is that you are placed right at the center of the action. You will remain wholly immersed in their environments without distractions. In addition, the best escape rooms with exciting exercises and clues help you live in the moment and have fun. It is worth gathering information on what escape rooms exist and asking your team which they like the most. As there are many options, you guys will find one or more interests in common, which will make for an enjoyable activity for everyone.


You also have to keep in mind the difficulty level. Suppose it is your first time trying an escape room. In that case, it is worth choosing one of the easier options so everyone can have a wholesome experience. Make sure you select a theme that suits you and your team the best to have the most fun and entretaining escape room game.


Varied puzzles


With escape rooms, we experience a tangible and immersive world in which we can interact physically with technology, texts, and codes. Puzzles are vital to the best escape rooms since they enhance teamwork and are intellectually challenging. Solving a puzzle can be exciting for everyone, regardless of age. In addition, it can strengthen connections and improve problem-solving and communication skills.


People dressed up as detectives to look for clues in one of the best escape room games


The puzzle theme depends on the kind of escape game, but all escape rooms need various puzzle types to keep the game entertaining.The best escape rooms offer tons of themes, clues, and mysteries.


Here is the type of puzzles most commonly used in escape games:

Text and number

  • Basic math puzzles usually only require little mathematical skills but you need cleverness and creativity with numbers.
  • Equations: Look for mathematical signs and symbols in the room, as they might hide essential clues.
  • Crossword puzzles: If you see a crossword or missing letter puzzle, chances are that the missing word or letter hides the next clue.

Physical Puzzles

  • Objects: Be it large or small, if it can be moved or have writing or suspicious marks, there is a good chance they also hide a vital clue.
  • Knots: In many escape rooms, keys or other essential objects are tied to the wall or furniture with a tricky knot to untie.


  • Is there a dimly lighted corner or an intense light in the direction of the sofa? Make sure you check out these places in search of clues.


  • Background music: If music is playing in the background, try to catch the lyrics. It may have more to tell you than you think.
  • Sound effects: The sounds in the background may also lead you to something meaningful.


Clues at the best escape rooms


Hidden objects:

  • Make sure you look at every piece of furniture, on the floor, ceiling, behind the curtains, and pictures because chances are that the most important clues are carefully hidden away. You might find several clues in one place, so keep looking until you find the first one.

Visual design:

  • Check the photos and paintings carefully. Maybe they hide a suspicious pattern. If something does not fit into the room's theme, it hides a clue.

Logic puzzles:

  • Logic puzzles are the most frequent in the best escape rooms. If six identical cards are on the table while the rest of the pack is in one pile on the side, that means something.
  • Refrain from settling for apparent clues. They have more to uncover if you look hard enough.
  • If you find any mysterious symbols, make sure you note them; they might be important later on.

Combination puzzles:

  • You have to try to solve the same puzzle in several different manners in order to finally solve it. In addition, more than one clue will rely on a combination of different puzzle types, so teamwork is extremely important here.
  • The more experience you gain in the best escape rooms, the more intricate puzzles you will be able to solve, so keep going if not every answer comes easily on your first try.


Family having fun talking about the best escape rooms

Balanced difficulty


The puzzles and clues must be challenging but not too difficult to take the best out of the experience. Although the best escape rooms have different levels, it is essential to highlight that the puzzles inside each game also vary in difficulty. This allows for more dynamic and exciting gameplay. Beginner-level escape rooms provide fewer puzzles and easy-to-find clues. This makes it a less intense experience, with plenty of fun and excitement.


At the intermediate level, puzzles are more complex. The focus is on immersiveness and interactivity. Still, some extra challenges are thrown in to make the experience even more exciting. Intermediate-level escape rooms are the best for people who are not newly starting out but still need to consider themselves veterans.


The hard level is the most challenging level of them all. These escape rooms are designed for experienced players comfortable with complex puzzles, deep thinking, and mental challenges.


Make sure you choose the right difficulty level for your team when booking the best escape room, considering the participants' age and experience level.


Clear instructions


Clear instructions are the base of the best escape rooms. To have the best experience, it is essential to be able to solve everything within your team and be sure what the next step is, so you don't have to get outside help and therefore break the flow of the game. To make sure that you choose the fitting escape room with clear instructions, it's best to check the website and read through the information provided. If the description on the website is easy to understand, it is a clear indicator of the quality of the instructions throughout the game. You can also check reviews if you have any doubts or contact the provider of the best escape rooms with specific questions and requirements.


Colleagues solving problems together better after trying the best escape rooms


Encouraged teamwork


Escape rooms are designed to foster teamwork. Participants have to decide who does what to be the most efficient possible. In this environment, new skills can be easily discovered. You may learn something new about a family member, a friend, or a colleague. They may be efficient leaders. They may have fantastic problem-solving skills that you didn't know about. Roles can be switched up at any moment if the situation requires it. You can definitely use these skills outside the escape room as well.


Escape rooms help teammates communicate more effectively, therefore improving overall communication skills. The best escape rooms require efficient communication between the players. Although people can be working on different tasks, they must iterate at some point to make it to the next clue. When placed in challenging situations, you are urged to communicate with those around you to overcome challenges.


As you work as a team to find your way out of this unfamiliar place, your senses are piqued. The survival instinct kicks in as you try to escape. During the escape room, adrenaline rushes through your body. Then, when you're done, you feel a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. You feel closer to your teammates and can celebrate what you accomplished together.



You can find some of the best escape rooms in Florida


If you want a genuinely challenging and satisfying, in a word, the best escape rooms as your next fun activity, come to Florida! American Escape Rooms brings you the best escape rooms you can imagine, sprinkled with exciting puzzles and varying levels to entertain you and your team in the best possible way. The escape rooms' variety and thematics make for the best experience.


Could you imagine yourself in the Cold War, saving the day? How about trying to cure an epidemic in the Zombie Apocalypse? Or would you want to challenge your mind with Mind-Boggling puzzles? You are in the right place! If you are ready for the best escape rooms with exciting puzzles, choose from the list below.


Cold War Crisis


Cold War Crisis is one of the most complex escape games that can entertain 2 to 10 people. The theme of one of the best escape rooms is based on the tension caused by the Cold War between the United States and Russia. An agent plans an attack with a nuclear bomb to start a world war and eventually cause humanity's demise.


The clock is already ticking, and your team only has one hour to prevent mass destruction. You must infiltrate the agent's base and diffuse the bomb before the timer is off and the bomb blows up. Are you ready to save humanity and bring back peace?


Mad Professor's Asylum


Inexplicable things can happen to people that turn them evil. A mad professor chose you and your team as his test subjects for his ingenious and tricky games in the insane asylum. You only have one hour to solve the mad professor's puzzles, so be careful, or he will lock you inside his torture chamber. We don't even want to imagine what comes next. Be careful. This escape game could make you go totally insane!




In this mind-boggling escape game, you can get to know your own mind better. You and your team will face clues, puzzles, and questions you must complete within one hour. Will you tackle the challenge in a calm and collected manner? Will your actions be hectic and chaotic? With the help of this game, you will get to know everyone better, but above all, your own self.


Zombie apocalypse is one of the best escape rooms in Florida


Zombie Apocalypse


The world has become the playground of a crazy scientist who infected it with a virus that turns every living being into a brain-eating zombie. It is up to your team to find the remedy, but the task is full of traps and uncertainties, so you better be ready. This is your last chance to find the antidote before the sun goes down and the zombies crawl out of their hiding places to search for food…


Ready to choose?


The best thing about escape room games is that they are psychologically enriching, fun, and build team spirit. It remains unchallenged compared to other social activities such as bowling, paintball, or going to the cinema. The best escape rooms have immersive themes, clear instructions, balanced difficulty, exciting puzzles and can be found in Florida! You can choose from several thematics to immerse yourself completely and have the best flow experience ever.


You may want to try stopping a zombie virus epidemic, fight against a nuclear attack, escape from a mad professor, or challenge your mind with tough questions. American Escape Rooms Games bring all this to you and more. Collect your team, make a decision which ones are the best escape rooms for you, and head to Florida. Try these games if you want a fun experience everyone can enjoy, enhancing social skills and cognitive abilities.


So what are you waiting for? Visit the American Escape Room website today and book your next adventure at one of the best escape rooms in the US!