Great and Safe Adventures: 12+1 New Online Escape Room Themes on Our Site!

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Great and Safe Adventures New Online Escape Room Themes on Our Site

2020 will be a difficult year to forget. With most entertainment places shut down due to COVID-19, people have to rely on the internet for their leisure time. If you have been missing your favorite escape games, then don’t. American Escape Rooms has 13 new online escape room themes that you can play from home. From a zombie apocalypse to a ticking nuclear bomb, escape games are full of thrilling adventures, and we are here to explain them to you. 

1.    Online Escape Room: Bomb.

 The cold war tension has finally simmered down, but hidden agendas are still at play. A rogue agent has stolen a nuclear bomb, and he is planning to use it to destroy the world. The bureau has tasked you and your team to retrieve the military secrets and disarm the bomb. Solve challenging riddles and puzzles to save the world in time. All hope lies in your decision-making skills, so think carefully. 

2.    Online Escape Room: Zombie Apocalypse.

A naïve lab assistant has dropped a test-tube filled with a deadly virus. The lab’s emergency system has sealed all the entrances and exits to the building, but the virus has escaped from the air duct. After falling where they stood, the workers slowly regain life but as zombies. Step into the life of a secret agent tasked to enter a zombie-infested lab and retrieve the anti-virus before the time runs out. This online escape room is full of clues to follow and puzzles to solve. But be careful; every door has a secret behind it.


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3.    Online Escape Room: Madness Online.

 Step into the mysterious and dark world of a deranged professor once known for his psychiatric breakthroughs. He grows distressful of people around him and starts experimenting on himself. However, his work has been closely guarded, and it is your job to infiltrate the lab and uncover his morbid secrets. You have one hour to complete your mission; failure means facing an unknown fate at the hands of a deranged professor with a history of human experimentation. 

4.    Online Escape Room: Murder Online.

After a long journey, you feel tired and want to stop for the night. Situated on a highway to nowhere, you find a motel and decide to stay the night. As you enter the motel, you see no one at the reception. You look around and find some newspapers with stories involving missing travelers. An old lady appears, and she has a glass eye and a scary face. You rent a room for the night, and as you enter, you find yourself trapped in a crazy motel filled with secrets. It’s your job to escape from the motel before sunrise; failure to do so means adding your name to the list of missing travelers. 

5.    Online Escape Room: Prison Online Escape Game.

 A strong shove on the back, and you find yourself behind bars. You hear yourself pleading that this has all been a terrible mistake and you haven’t done anything wrong, but the voice echoes back to you. This online escape room lets you live the life of an innocent person mistakenly put behind bars. To prove your innocence, you have to escape from the prison before the guard comes back. Look around the cell, and find clues to your freedom. Do it before the time runs out, and you’ll be set free. However, if the guard returns, things take a turn for the worst. 

6.    Online Escape Room: Cold War Crisis.

The war is over on the battlefield, but it’s still within the hearts of military leaders and politicians. As secret agendas and meetings plan to revive tension, you are tasked to prevent it from happening. In this online escape room, you have to obtain invaluable secrets from the office of a highly ranked military officer. Victory is within your grasp, but it turns out that the whole mission was a well-orchestrated trap. You find a bomb ticking inside the office, and it’s your job to disarm it before it takes the whole world with it.

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7.    Online Escape Room: Voodoo School Online.

This escape game takes you back to your school days but with a twist. You find yourself trapped in a classroom with nine different subjects. Some of these are your favorites like Geography, Biology, Physics, Literature, Mathematics, and, of course, Voodoo. Now, you will need your ingenuity and creativity to find the right answers and clues to escape the classroom. Fail it, and you will remain in this mysterious school forever. 

8.    Online Escape Room: Japan Online.

This online escape room takes you back to feudal Japan in the twelfth century. The game kicks off with the news that the Ashikaga Samurai sword has been stolen. It’s the most prized possession of the Shogun, and you are tasked to locate it. Move with stealth, and collect tokens along the way while solving puzzles and clues. If you fail to find the sword within an hour, you will taste the sharp edge of a Katana. 

9.    Online Escape Room: Aztec Online.

The year is 1519, and you find yourself in the jungle near the Mexican capital of Tenochtitlan. You know there is a treasure somewhere with a mythical crystal skull. You find your way to the treasure and steal it only to find out the city is not what it seemed. Now, your problem is escaping the jungle with the treasure. Use your critical thinking and analytic skills to maneuver your way through traps, puzzles, and clues. Do it within an hour before the city shows its true colors. 

10.    Online Escape Room: Portal Online.

 Portal online is a thrilling online escape room that challenges your critical thinking and analytics skills. You find yourself in an empty base with no sign of life around you. Your only guides are a few notes and broken equipment. It’s up to you and your teams to find the missing parts of the P.O.R.T.A.L before its energy cells run out. Fail to do so, and you will trap yourself in this unknown dimension for the rest of your life. 

11.    Online Escape Room: The Matrix Online.

 The matrix online is a classic take on the blockbuster movie. This online escape room transports you into a world taken over by machines and artificial intelligence. You have a virus that can turn the tides in your favor, but you have to upload it on the matrix’s main server. You and your team are the chosen ones who can complete this mission. There is a lot at stake since no one has ever made it this close to changing humanity’s fate, so make every decision wisely. 

12.    Online Escape Room: The Diamond Heist.

 The most valuable diamond in the world is on a showcase around Europe. You and your team are obsessed with treasure hunters and planning to steal the diamond. This is the last day, the diamond is in the city, and you successfully make your way through the heavily guarded bank and get a hold of the precious diamond. Can you prove that you are the best treasure hunters in the world? Or is this your biggest bust? 

13.    Online Escape Room: The Legacy of Noo’Zaca Online.

You are exploring the South American jungle with your research team, and you stumble upon the remains of a long-forgotten legend. The thousand-year-old story of an ancient creature called Noo’zaca. The sole purpose of Noo’zaca was to wreak havoc on humanity. The gods had defeated the creature and locked him in an ancient shrine protected by magic. It’s been a thousand years since, and the signs of the magic wearing off are evident. In this online escape room, you have to find the crystal skull containing the beast’s remains to stop the magic barrier from falling apart. The mission is clear, and it’s only up to you if you can save humanity. 

Ending Note.

Online escape rooms are great for family and friends. You can conduct corporate team building activities through online escape games as well. The fun never ends with American Escape Rooms, and there is always more to enjoy. Since these games can be enjoyed remotely, there is no chance of contracting the coronavirus. So, book your room now, and start your adventure.