Meditation Through Games: Can you Meditate While Playing?

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Meditation Through Games: Can you Meditate While Playing?

Outside your window, the streets are quiet as the planet heals itself due to COVID19. In this situation, people are also looking for opportunities to cure their anxiety and depression. One of the best ways to heal yourself during work from home is meditation. However, we are not talking about sitting in an awkward position for long hours and focusing on breathing. Instead, we will share how playing games can instill meditation in your mind and take you out of your discomfort. 
American Escape Rooms has some of the best escape games you can play to induce meditation effects on yourself without resting in an awkward position. So without further delay, let explore different games that are good for meditation. 

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is not about becoming a different person or a better version of yourself. It’s about training in awareness and improving your sense of perspective. Meditation can be attained through gaming if you have to know which games to play. You can find a list of games that help with meditation below. Explore these games and enjoy the benefits of meditating. 

How can Playing Games Help With Meditation?

Playing games can help with meditation in several ways. One of which is through building focus. Meditation improves mental awareness and allows a person to focus on their thoughts. Games do the same in a unique way.

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1. Escape Games for Meditation.

Contrary to popular belief, not all escape games are fast-paced, action-packed adventures. In fact, most American Escape Rooms’s games can be enjoyed with friends for meditation. These games not only boost mindfulness but also improve critical thinking and mental adaptability. On the other hand, escape rooms are booked by companies to promote team-building activities. So if you want some quality time with your friends amidst the pandemic, you can rely on American Escape Rooms for a conscious experience. 

2. Journey Game for Meditation.

The journey is a 3D mobile game with serene sounds, breath-taking graphics, and a whole lot of meditation effects. You can relax your mind in this straightforward calm game, and its amazing soundtracks can remove all negative thoughts. It's an online game; however, the players you encounter are all strangers without any distinct visual characteristics.

 3. Animal Crossing Game for Meditation.

Animal Crossing is one of the most popular games after Super Mario and the GTA series. This game is also one of the most serene and cutest games you will encounter. The objective of this game is to build your home, befriend neighbors, and accomplish simple tasks. The game is straightforward without any complex riddles that will frustrate you at one point. Moreover, its vibrant colors and gorgeous designs are great for meditation and mindfulness. 

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4. Flow and Flower Game for Meditation.

Another pair of games designed by the same company behind Journey are Flow and Flower. While both games have a different approach, they deliver the same mindfulness and meditation effects. While Flow takes a minimalistic approach to evolution, Flower allows players to experience nature's beauty and enjoy relaxing meditation effects while playing the game. Both games are excellent for releasing stress immersing in the beauty of breath-taking graphics and serene gameplay. 

A Word for Very Well.

The gaming industry had already been booming before COVID19. However, the pandemic has increased revenues for the gaming world to new heights. Nowadays, people are interested in enjoying online games from their computers, cell phones, and consoles to kill time and enjoy meditation. If you are looking for a high-quality, immersive gaming experience, you can book an escape game with American Escape Rooms. 

All the games offered by American Escape Rooms are thrilling, fun, adventurous, and mindful at the same time. You will never find yourself bored of these games as each session occurs in a distinct setting and environment. Moreover, Escape games can instill mindfulness most serenely thanks to their well-groomed environment and physical gameplay. So what are you waiting for? Book your escape room now with American Escape Rooms for the most soothing adventure of your life.