Solve our Mind-boggling Puzzles and Get Ready to Rule the Game

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A pen poised over a crossword puzzle missing most answers aside from the word "money".

Before you are 3 doors. You have to go through one of them. Behind the first, a fire is raging; behind the second lurks a gunman; and through the third is a lion that hasn’t eaten in 3 years. Which one will you choose? (Answer at the end of this article.) Being the best at solving riddles takes practice, so American Escape Rooms has stepped in as your coach. Not only will you be running the course of mind-boggling puzzles in this 4-minute read, but we’ll also be requiring you to do mental push-ups, visualization and feats of recall. Think your brain can handle our escape room obstacle course? Pass out the practice jerseys and lace up the cleats. Escape room riddles and all-age fun is about to begin.

 A pen poised over a crossword puzzle missing most answers aside from the word

Escape Room Riddles Where Kids Rule.

Escape rooms are places where fresh ideas and the creativity of children really flourish. You might say children, with all their imagination and untarnished hopes, are the key players in any escape room match. Mind-boggling puzzles are still challenging for this age group, but kids are more apt to find another way. Let’s all take a look at the first station to train your brain and see if kids can set the pace for the rest of us puzzlers.

1.    I’m always hungry and will die if not fed. But if you water me, I die. What am I?
2.    What’s black, white and blue? 
3.    Why are ghosts bad at lying?

 Little girl sits against a bookshelf with a book in a yellow cover open on her lap

Visual Brain Teasers and Puzzles. 

Were you able to Guess who was left-handed? Point out the correct Bird’s Eye View? Or discover which glass got full first? Escape rooms add these little riddles in to get you to the next clue and ultimately to the final key that unlocks your door! Now let’s all do a round of jumping jacks to get ready for the next age group. Teens! MUah-ha-ha! (Kids don’t sit the bench just yet). 

Escape Room Riddles Where Teens Rule.

We all know teens are expert at escape room riddles. Teens might treat their home as a real-time riddle for escape, and practically know every route around the house to the nearest exit- which door creaks, stair squeaks, and when to tiptoe according to the clock. 

Congratulations teens, but this isn’t hide-n-seek… Escape room riddles in this genre focus more on cognitive function- which studies show socialization totally benefits! Check out this article from the Harvard Business Review. Socializing is paying big dividends for your future successes. Okay, water break over; soap box away! 
1.    What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?
2.    How can a man go 7 days without sleep?
3.    What kind of tree can you carry in your hand? 

20 Rebus Puzzles That are Almost Impossible to Solve.

Alright, so “split pea soup” was kind of lame. (Disclaimer: I thought it was cute). And “green with envy” was kind of a given. But escape rooms are going to expect even more creativity on your part, so we suggest you keep training for the 60-minute marathon you might be running either in FLA or remotely (running in place) with friends or family. Stay hydrated teens! You’re ruling at this smarts thing. And that’s just what we need to make the great escape! 

Black and blue puzzle pieces together with one slightly pulled apart

Escape Room Riddles Where Adults Rule.

This only happens when a team of all adults shows up to play an escape room challenge- it’s just the laws of probability. But whether you play with a group of your adult friends, family or some other affiliation, your escape room tactics should always be to sharpen your skills first to be a valuable team player. Let’s check out some escape room-ready riddling for the 18+ crowd. Kids, you can be excused so as not to embarrass anyone at the table. (We are joking with you adults!)

You have me today,
Tomorrow you'll have more;
As your time passes,
I'm not easy to store;
I don't take up space,
But I'm only in one place;
I am what you saw,
But not what you see.
What am I?

(Answer at the end of this blog)


Find the Correct Shadow
Find the Bunny and Other Visual Riddles
Brain Teasers for Sharp Brains

Ways to Train for the Mental Marathon: Escape Rooms for the Whole Family.

After referencing our best junior coaches’ recommendations in the links above, we want to ask- Do you remember Tetris? Tetris and other spatial games like it keep your brain busy, creating new patterns on the fly and finding out by trial and error what makes logical sense. It’s like the timed-tests they used to give out for multiplication in the 4th grade. Quick! What’s (8 x 8)? Answer at the bottom of this article). Reading also keeps your mind sharp by interpreting all these letters into some kind of lasting or fleeting thought. Here’s an interesting article that puts both together in a blog by Morgan Shaver:
“The Versatility of the Tetris Theme”

After-practice homework: Find the Tetris theme music and see if it improves your mood or brain power at the grocery store, in line at the drive thru or during a brisk walk after you’ve exhausted your riddling in preparation for escape room stardom. 

Escape Room Riddles Where the Family Rules.

It’s been quoted that “A family that plays together stays together.” Or at least, that’s what we think of when we’re talking about escape rooms. Planning your escape room night out can be easier than solving these riddles because win or lose, it’s really a win. How’s that for a riddle? Escape rooms are designed to keep everyone having fun and making the most of the knowledge they have now while stretching the imagination and cognitive function of each person’s unique potential. You can’t escape the fun you’ll have coming up with theories or guesses together. And you might be surprised how younger brains can have the advantage just by being more open to learning and therefore more adaptable in new environments. (Now, where’d we hear that?). 

1.    I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?
2.    What is full of holes but can still hold water?
3.    I shave everyday but my beard never changes. What am I?

Your family can play any of our themed rooms in Florida, Escape Room Tallahasse, Escape Room Tampa, or Escape Room Orlando. You also have the option to escape remotely as let one of our Master Gamers be your eyes and ears in real-time! Before we send you off. Let’s take a shot at some family escape room riddles.


First Riddle: Third door, a lion cannot survive 3 years without food

Answers to Kids Riddles. 
1.    A fire
2.    A sad zebra
3.    You can see right through them

Answers to Teen Riddles.
1.    A towel
2.    He sleeps at night
3.    A palm

Answers to Adult Riddle.
1.    Memories
Second riddle in the paragraph for the Whole Family
Answer: 64, but we had to look it up too.. LOL

Answers to Family Riddles:
1.    A candle
2.    A sponge
3.    A barber