Spring of Survivors: 5+1 Ways to Cope With the Situation

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The worst part of any global crisis is how it disrupts our lives. However, most global crises fade away sooner or later, but COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. It’s the second spring of COVID-19, and people are tired of living their lives in fear of being infected. This fear has taken a toll on most people, and their mental health is deteriorating. 
To liberate yourself from constant fear and ease your mind, we have shared 5+1 ways to cope with mental stress. You can indulge yourself in a new hobby or enjoy American Escape Rooms games online. But whatever you do, make sure to sanitize your hands. 

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5+1 Ways to Ease Your Mind in COVID19 Spring.

 The COVID19 pandemic is severely stressful, no matter how you look at it. There are newer patients falling victim to this viral disease, and it has changed the way we use to live. But don't worry, here are out 5 excellent tips to help you battle Coronavirus and +1 way to ease your mind. 

1. Answer All The Questions That Are Bothering You. 

Instead of shoving all your fears and “What If's” in your gut, it's time to face your questions and find their answers. Most people are traumatized by the thought of losing their job or their loved one to the Coronavirus. If you are one of them, you need to ease your mind by answering all the questions that are bothering you. Once you start facing your worries, you will start looking for ways to solve them, and this will ease your mind in a productive way. 

2. Learn To Differentiate Work Days from Holidays. 

COVID-19 has stripped us of our daily routine, and most people are having trouble adjusting to the work-from-home situation. While it might have been fun to wear your sweat pants during working hours, the work-from-home situation has caused anxiety among many people with time. To ease your mind in this situation, you need to pretend that your home is your office during workdays. When you start differentiating workdays from holidays, you will regain your motivation and ease your mind. 

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3. Find a New Hobby.

 You might be occupied during workdays, but it might seem impossible to kill time during off days. This is because going outside is not safe. As humans are social animals, solitude adversely affects our mental health. This leads to anxiety and other problems. The best way to ease your mind when you are not working is by picking up a new hobby. You can do plenty of things, and one of them is gardening during the Spring season. This will keep you occupied and ease your mind.

 4. Limit the time you Spend Watching News.

 There is no point in keeping track of things you cannot control, and news can sometimes be frightening. If you stick to the TV for too long and fill your head with Coronavirus news, you will stir up your anxieties. It would be best to reduce the time you spend watching the news just to ease your mind for a few days. Still, you shouldn’t entirely avoid Coronavirus news because you might need to stay updated with a few things. However, it is best to skip the bad news and tune into the good ones to ease your mind.

 5. Stay in The Present.

When depression and anxiety start to get a hold of someone's mind, the first thing depressed people do is drown in the past.  It might be good to think about the simpler days that went by, but it's not healthy to loom in the past for too long. By staying focused on your present, you can make your future better. Moreover, you will ease your mind if you started planning for the future, because you will imagine a world without infectious diseases. 

+1 Tip to reduce COVID19 stress.

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