Get Ready! We Show You the Most Exciting Escape Room Themes

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The idea of being trapped in a single room can seem scary and frustrating. However, escape games make this experience thrilling. Is there a brain-eating zombie behind the wall? Will a mad scientist try to turn you into a rabbit for his crazy experiment? Will Dr. Jekyll suddenly turn into Mr. Hyde and try to kill you? 

Most escape room themes are designed to take you on a thrill ride where you must solve a series of riddles and uncover clues to escape with your brains intact. 

Read on as we uncover some popular escape room ideas and navigating your way through an escape room following COVID-19 safety regulations.

Escape Room Themes

Popular escape room themes include the fantasy characters we all love to hate. Some common ones include:

The Zombie Apocalypse
Conspiracy theorists everywhere believe that there is an impending zombie apocalypse and we’re all foolish to dismiss it. If that’s true, then a zombie escape room will prepare you for the real thing! There’s a viral infection taking over the brains of everyone in the escape room. You and your friends need to make it out without getting infected! Spend the next hour protecting yourself from a brain-hungry zombie, finding out what’s causing the virus, and uncover the clues to discover your way to freedom!

Cold War Escape Room

The Cold War Crisis
The Cold War marked a period of political tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. Both parties refrained from using their nuclear resources, but the evils lurking in the Cold War Crisis escape room may not think the same way! It’s up to you and your team of detectives to find out a way to diffuse the vat of nuclear weapons that have been set on a timer to explode by a secret agent. You have one hour to save yourself and the world from full-scale nuclear damage!

The Prison Cell
Inspired by the famous Stanford Prison Experiment, this escape room idea will send a chill down your spine. How will you and your fellow inmates make it out of your prison cell safely? You’ll have to use all your brainpower to either prove your innocence or figure out a way to break out of prison. Either way, you’ll have to deal with the warden that rules with an iron fist!

The Forces from the Other Side
Ghosts, ghouls and the undead haunt us in our dreams, and sometimes also in an escape room. You’ll need more than just human weapons to make your way out of this one. Find out what paranormal activity lurks behind the door, what the mysterious writing on the wall means, and more! Look for paintings with moving eyes, and shadows of people who aren’t in the room to uncover clues and find your way out without becoming a part of the supernatural force. 

The Time Machine
Scientists and discoverers through the ages have been thwarted in their attempts to create a functioning time machine. However, in a time machine escape room, you’ll be able to travel through time to uncover clues from both the past and the future to make your way out of the escape room in the present.

The Clown Party
From Stephen King’s Pennywise to all those other childhood films where the clowns ended up being the villains, almost all of us have a latent fear of these seemingly joyous characters with their squishy red nose. This escape room idea is not for the faint of heart. You and your team will have to deal with those elaborately painted smiles, flowers that squirt water in your face, and clowns that can stuff you in their tiny cars. Find clues under the classic giant shoes, inside hollow juggling bowling pins, and more, and outsmart the faces with the creepy, unsettling laughter. 

The American Escape Room Experience

At the American Escape Room, you can select from a range of escape room themes including cold war, a zombie apocalypse, and a mad scientist’s clinic to find the one that gets the adrenalin rushing through your veins!

We are aware of the ongoing pandemic and we can assure you and your team of detectives that the only dangers lurking in our escape games are the fictional monsters and evils you are fighting. All rooms are cleaned before and after each simulation. For your safety, all games are private, and you may only enter the escape room with the friends or family members who have accompanied you on this thrilling journey. It’s time for you to open that door and find out the horrors awaiting you inside!