3+1 things you must do this summer before getting back to school!

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It is August, again! We have to get back to school soon! How? We have just finished the last tests, but we can write the next one soon. In the summer, time passes definitely faster! Never mind, we have some more days left to enjoy the holiday! Due to our limited free time, let's spend it meaningfully with such experiences whose memory can give you power, motivation even on the greyest morning! 
However, smartphones, virtual reality provide you with a vivid world, the most memorable moments occur in real life. Leave the digital wonders for the rainy, lonely days!
Let's take the adventures either in an escape room, either in nature the decision is yours we only give you some exciting ideas!

 Bicycle riding couple’s silhouette in the sunset

1. When the world is sleeping...

On the hottest summer days, you are hardly existing. When the sun is setting in the sky, life is getting back into your body. In the Mediterranean area, in countries like Italy, Spain, Greece, during the hottest hours, people take a break (siesta) and continue working again around 4 or 5 o'clock.

It's summertime, let's forget a bit about the conventions at least until you get back to school! Have a nap during the day and get on the bike after six until midnight! Never go alone! Ask your parents, aunt, uncle, or adult cousins to ride with you! Choose a nice cycle path where you can safely ride into the night. The light of the moon, the mild night breeze, the peaceful sounds of nature help you to relax and charge up. If you are lucky, you can even see falling stars!

If you take a tent and sleeping bags with you, you can take a rest whenever you want and have a sleep in mother nature. To enjoy the wonders of the sunrise, wake up earlier, get on the ride again while admiring the awakening environment. As soon as you reach a beach where you can swim, stop! Spend the day there relaxing, sleeping, playing in the water! When the sun is setting, you can get on the bike again!

Exit stairway up

2. Cool room.

On those days, when you don't have a full "day-off", let's find some shorter but equally exciting activities! When you cannot stay outside due to the temperature, make yourself closed into a room and start to find the way out!

Call your friends and have an enjoyable playtime in American Escape Rooms! It saves you from the sun and the puzzles of the scene provide your mind with a little brain-gym! You can use it as a pre-school reunion team building so it won’t be too hard to get back to school! The uniquely-themed escape rooms (cold-war, mad professor, mind-boggling, zombie) offer challenging puzzles for all ages. You can find American Escape Rooms in Orlando, Tallahassee, and Tampa.

People rafting in a yellow-black boat

3. Get wet!.

The season of the water is definitely the summer! It is not a matter whether you swim, splash, play water polo, or simply hang your legs into the water from the pier. An alternative way of fun in the water is white-water rafting! As you are older than 4 years, you can enjoy these waterways. Under a given age (it depends on the level of the path), you have to join adults but it could make it just more exciting because they can “drive” the rafting boat with greater security. Similar to an escape room, it requires cooperation. In the boat, all powers are needed.

You usually need a swimming costume and towels. The other equipment (helmet, jacket, neoprene clothing) and the rafting boat are generally provided by the rafting company. Without a doubt, it is a must-to-do program for the summertime before getting back to school. It might be challenging, risky but definitely a memorable experience! This adventure will improve you both physically and emotionally. You will be wet, you might feel a bit cold but after such hot days, you will enjoy it! At the same time, your smile won’t be able to be wiped off!

Diving people underwater among corals and fish

+1 Let’s google(s)!

You know the animals. Cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs are usually pets. Lions, elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, giraffes, you can meet with them in the zoo. What about the underwater world? In huge aquariums, you might have already admired the dangerous sharks, the magic carpet-like rays, and the shocking eels.

Have you ever experienced swimming among the colorful tiny fishes? Have you ever been searching for treasures at the bottom of the sea? In the summer, it is time to taste the underwater sea! Like in the case of rafting, you need only a swimming costume and towels. The type of dive determines the specialty of the equipment which are going to be offered by the diving company. Always ask for help from a diving company before going directly under the sea! Only this case can be your pleasure secured. Discover the magic of the undersea! Cooldown there and enjoy the freedom of the movements!

Actually, it is a place that cannot be compared to any escape rooms: it is spacious, endless, open, bright, and light. Furthermore, you definitely don’t want to exit so quickly! So if you want something unique to feel before getting back to school, discover diving with your friends!

However, summer is always short and seems to be shorter and shorter, if you bring out the most and the best from each day, you will be satisfied and won’t worry about September anymore! Let's take the adventures outside or in an escape room, before getting back to school!