7 personality traits that can be strengthened in escape rooms

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All human beings have unique personalities. Even the identical twins are distinct people, however, their outfit is the same. Our personality is a wonderful complex inside the physical body. It determines and directs our activities, thoughts, beliefs. It influences our social relations, work performance, and career.

Nevertheless, our character is partly genetically encoded, we have the ability to change it profoundly. Moreover, our living space, the environment, and the people around us put a great effect on the shaping process of our personality. 

Personality collage.

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Same as the world, people are not black and white but colorful. Even the evilest person has some good attributes, and similarly, the saints are not perfect.

Our character is the patchwork of a wide variety of positive and negative personality traits. Nobody is perfect but the first step towards perfection is to admit this fact. Life could have numberless aims. One of them is our intrinsic development, which is, at the same time, one of the main tools for achieving our goals.

How, where, and when?

Self-improvement is a lifelong process and takes place anywhere, anytime. What we essentially need is willingness, modesty, attention to notice the obvious and even the hidden opportunities of life to shape, decorate the inside me-castle.

Anyway, there are direct locations and methods with this purpose. School, self-help support groups, volunteering, playing special games, reading worthy books are all to encourage this process. Among these solutions, we can find a relatively new one: escape games!

What can be improved inside an escape room?

The first thoughts in connection with the escape rooms are definitely not self-improvement. Rather: mystery, investigation, challenge, adventure, bravery, darkness, risk, time limit… Escape games provide you with more! Inside the room, you will go through intensive self-development. Besides learning more about yourself, several positive personality traits can be upgraded. We pointed out the 7 most relevant ones, and show you how you could improve them while "playing" in the escape room.

Words: BE, CHANGE, BECOME written with astro-syle letters

The personality traits.

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Taking part actively in the problem-solving process of the escape game, you should cooperate with your playmates; be open to and take into account their views, opinions and respect them. You cannot refuse any ideas just because you know "the best". Listen to more options, discuss, combine them quickly! If you are receptive, your thoughts are going to be heard as well.


You should make responsible decisions because it is not only about you but about your friends there and sometimes about the whole of humankind (escape rooms: BOMB!, VIRUS! at American Escape Rooms).


The traces are sometimes so obvious, other times, they are hidden, so you should be able to read between the lines, realize encoded signs, and pay extremely accurate attention to every detail. In the escape rooms, you are just in a risk-simulator, however, in reality, there won't be any second options! Let's practice here to avoid missing important details in real life!


The scene in any escape room is not so friendly. Moreover, expressively adverse, dark, and formidable. Even in reality, inconvenient situations are not always avoidable. You ought to adapt your body, mind, soul, and skills to that actual case. Now you can see how important it is to be able to apply that lot of knowing what you had to learn at school. Do you know the most important laws of nature? Do you know Newton's laws or the properties of the main chemical elements? Even in the escape rooms and later in life, nobody cares about your marks. The most important is: be able to apply them and adapt these learnings to the given case.

Furthermore, you should adapt your mind, body, and soul to that situation! Under stress, your nervous system switches to sympathetic mode. Your heart rate gets accelerated, you might sweat, digestion stops, the blood vessels constrict, the bronchial passages widen, you have goosebumps, blood pressure, and sugar level jump high, the mouth gets dry: your body becomes ready to fight, defend and run. Even your cognitive skills are going to be sharper. This personality trait is life-saving!

However, your body is ready to face the unknown, your mind should prepare your soul! Stress situations could be a wake-up call for somebody, enabling them to carry out extreme tasks. At the same time, for others, stress brings blackout, frozen conditions when they cannot think normally and forget even their name. Anyway, the more often you experience such stressful situations, the more properly you can adapt yourself!


Especially in teamwork, clear communication is key. All that you say, promises are responsible pieces of information. In an escape room, there is no need for braggarts! For instance, if you might not be able to hold 50 kgs for 2 minutes, admit it! It's not a problem. 
However, if you say that you can, your mates trust you and calculate with your power. And if you fail your duty despite your promise, you and your team will lose more. Admitting our imperfections, foibles are very often braver than promising unrealities.


Without any positive attitude, no fights could be victorious! It is needed to be realistic, nevertheless, hope gives motivation and activates such intrinsic powers that can make wonders! Being optimistic means that you allow fate to let you be successful.


Last, but not least, spending 40-60 minutes in an escape room means meeting with actual and your own fears. Personal dreads get stronger under stress and are able to inactivate your skills, mind, even your body. Facing our bugbears requires courage providing us with belief in our abilities and powers.

Personality traits: they make us human, inhibiting us to become perfect, however, leading on the way to excellence.