Get closer to your family this holiday season with these fun activities!

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Family members around the table with Thanksgiving turkey

We have to admit that except for the September start of the school year, fall is full of fun, gorgeous festivals, and comes the holiday season: Harvest festivals, Oktoberfests, Halloween, Thanksgiving offer vivid ways to recreate ourselves and our social relations. While summer is usually about friends, let the fall be more about family! Never forget about your friends! However, emphasize the family bonds in these weeks! Family is the basic unit of society that is supposed to be a place where we can find affection, safety, trust, and it ensures the frames of a healthy life.

Every year, on the last Thursday of November, we give thanks for the harvest’s success, for the strength and energy we obtained from a superior power to accomplish our duties, for our loved ones, and from 1941, the foundation of the nation.

Use this year's holiday season to get closer to your family members to rediscover the importance and the meaning of the family bond. How and where should we organize this kind of family (re)union? Let's follow the tips of American Escape Rooms to choose the best activities to get closer to your family in this year’s holiday season!

November Thanksgiving dishes: cakes, fruits, and tea on a table

The most ancient teamwork.

Today, the institutes of officially accepted cohabitations are called marriage and family. However, they might not have been named like these at the dawn of humankind,  but the relationships existed. Living in a family is like playing in a team: “One for all, all for one!” The keywords of happy family life are love, adaptability, honesty, trust, and cooperation.

Without these essential “ingredients,” even the nation would not have been established. Besides the nation’s foundation at Thanksgiving, we should commemorate our smallest social unit: the family!

This holiday season, let’s practice carrying out its basic “ingredients” to ensure a satisfying family life! In an escape room, you will find the greatest opportunities to do this!

Family members standing in a circle gathering power for a challenge

The basic strategy in an escape room is cooperation. In a team, like a family, everybody is responsible for the others according to their capacity. During escape games, family members should work together, communicate and set aside the previous misunderstandings to accomplish the common goals. Everybody should adapt themselves to the given situation and to the playmates’ conditions and mood. Family members should play with open cards, with honesty towards each other, recognizing that it is not the time for a contest but for cooperation and mutual success. In escape rooms, family members can relearn how to trust each other, especially when the children are above 14 and start to come off the family. Parents can discover the sides of their children that are shown just for the friends.

Families should use the holiday seasons during the year for a reunion to relearn each other because in a rush throughout the weeks and months, the family members are receding from each other despite sharing the same household. 

That 60-minutes teamwork in the escape room reinforces clear communication, openness, patience, respect towards each other. Moreover, it shows the most honest, unmasked face of our loved ones. This process developed in the escape room contributes to understanding the family members’ behaviors outside the escape room more easily. On special occasions of the year, like the holiday season in November, we are more open to this kind of emotional trip with our family members.

Kitchen: the center of the family life.

Thanksgiving is the time to express our gratitude for the capacity we get from above to accomplish our life mission, for the appropriate weather, and the spiritual help for every day’s hustle and bustle and our meal every day on the table. According to traditions, special dishes are on the menu at Thanksgiving, including turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. How to prepare them? The mothers usually know it, but for the off-springs, the secret might still not be revealed.

Approaching Thanksgiving, cooking classes are organized throughout Florida this holiday season to initiate the new generation into the old traditions. There is usually an age restriction: children under 14 are not allowed to take part. It is not a wonder! The smaller children prefer to consume these dishes rather than to prepare them. However, the youth more than 14 years old are eager to explore the secrets of gastronomy and prove their skills. These classes of the holiday season can make family members closer to each other again, overcoming the misunderstandings, “battles” during every day induced by the generation gap.

Grandmother and her granddaughter preparing cookies together

These cooking classes provide even parents with adult children living far from the core family with heart-warming opportunities to have a reasonable, great time together after a long time and relearn each others’ habits. Preparing the food, make ready even your soul during the holiday season by having an honest conversation with your loved ones and listening to them with open ears.

If you have children under 14 willing to cook and bake, organize a family cooking class by yourself. The kitchen is, anyway, the center of family life. During the holiday season, hopefully, the children spend more time at home. Cooking, baking holiday season specialties ensure to spend meaningful time with the children, having chats about topics that we cannot touch in the evenings.

Spend more time in the kitchen during this holiday season to eliminate the growing hunger for love and care of your family members!

Mother and her son preparing a meal together in the kitchen

Prepare and share!

At Thanksgiving’s holiday season, we should not forget about those in need who are less lucky and who cannot afford not only the traditional holiday season dishes but even the regular three-time meals for a day. 

Food sharing initiations are organized throughout entire Florida during the holiday season. These are practical moments when we can show great examples for our off-springs of how to support those in need.

We can join the campaign this holiday season with bought food or take part in meal preparation where the ingredients are given.  Another option to actively participate in this supporting process is if we help deliver the meals and food. This volunteering represents for the children how important the family, the bond between its members, and each other’s support are during the holiday season and throughout the whole year.

Little children’s hands preparing thanksgiving cookies

Spend this year’s Thanksgiving holiday season with your family! Get closer again, reexploring each other, because out of the holiday season, we can live together in the same house, maybe have a rush video chat, but we can see more than surfaces. Get closed for 60 minutes in an escape room or spend a delightful cooking afternoon in the kitchen, or volunteer together to deepen your relationships, preparing your soul for the next, the most lovely holiday season of the year in December! Joyful Thanksgiving!

“Happy Thanksgiving” written with white letters on an orange board