Want To Know Yourself Better? Try These 7 Games For Self-Awareness!

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Want To Know Yourself Better? Try These 7 Games For Self-Awareness!

Increased self-awareness has a wide range of positive effects. One of the consequences of self-awareness or better known as self-consciousness is greater emotional intelligence. However, building emotional stability and attaining self-knowledge is not easy. Therefore, American Escape Rooms has compiled a list of 7 games that can ease the process of self-awareness and help you get to know yourself better. 

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Games That Can Help Increase Self-Awareness.

 Self-awareness is the art of understanding your trengths and weaknesses. There is no easy way to self-discovery unless you put yourself under pressure. That is why the games we have shared below will put your brain cells to work and immerse you in a pressured situation without any adverse ramifications. 

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1. Escape Games for Boosting Self-Awareness.

 The best path to self-knowledge is to put yourself under immense pressure and rise above unfavorable odds. Escape games do the same and immerse players into a virtual world where they have to solve mind-boggling riddles to progress. However, everything becomes challenging with the 60-minute timer. This situation puts immense positive stress on players as they navigate obstacles, find relevant clues and solve riddles to come out victorious. 

2. Among Us.

One of the most popular games on the internet, "Among Us", can also be used for self-awareness. The game puts players in a two-dimensional world where there are one, two, or three imposters. The rest of the players have to find the imposter before everyone is killed or the ship is completely sabotaged. Among us increases self-awareness through the positive stress of staying in the game by convincing others that you are not the imposter (even if you are).

3. Fortnite.

Fortnite is an action-packed, face-paced game where players rely on their sense of hearing and hunt others. It's a battle royal game where the last person remains standing. However, pressure builds up as the "Storm circle" closes into a small area where surviving players have to compete. This game has excellent visuals, but the sheer stress of being shot by another player at any moment boosts self-awareness as players learn about their performance under pressure. 

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4. Sudoku.

Sudoku is a conventional game that made its way to mobile devices and has helped people become aware of their skill. This game improves analytical thinking. Mathematics and, most importantly, it boosts self-awareness. The objective of Sudoku is to strategically add missing numbers in rows and columns to make a perfect series of 1 – 9 in all directions.
Players find themselves trapped in the final few rows or columns of the game as options become limited and time is almost over. Those who control their emotions and make wise decisions benefit from improved self-awareness and better emotional intelligence. 

5. Chess.

Chess is one of the most played games in the world, with global tournaments and cash prizes. However, all of the fan base surrounding Chess is for a good reason – it's an excellent self-awareness booster. Chess players are calmer than others, and they react logically rather than emotionally. Even in time-bound situations, you won't notice chess players losing their calmness. Therefore, Chess is one of the best games for building self-awareness and attaining self-knowledge.

 6. Sky Children of the Light.

Sky children of the light is a 3D mobile game with breath-taking graphics and its unique way of boosting self-awareness. This game is a light-hearted take on classic adventure games where players can discover new locations and collect coins. Although the game mechanics are relatively simple, it improves self-awareness by immersing players in the game and giving them time to ponder their actions. This instills mindfulness and allows players to have better control over their emotions. 

7. Calm.

Calm is a mobile app that instills mindfulness and promotes self-awareness in the process. The app doesn't have any mechanics, nor do players have a character. Calm's main objective is to relax the player; therefore, it houses multiple breathing exercises and pictures of beautiful locations. Players can immerse themselves in these stunning locations and achieve greater control over their emotions.

 In a Nutshell.

Self-awareness is the first step towards success. Unless you know about yourself, you can't expect to understand others and their emotions. American Escape Rooms can help you achieve greater self-awareness and a strengthened consciousness through its escape games. If you are looking to play escape games with your friends, you can book a room by clicking here.