5 Types of Lock Puzzles in a Room

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Man and woman trying to solve the puzzle inside an escape room.

Escape rooms are a fascinating new way to challenge yourself, your family members, and your friends. Participating in escape rooms or similar escape games can help you conquer your fears and reservations and explore a whole new way to stimulate your mind. 

American Escape Rooms are the ideal fun activity that has an element of personal development. Our mind-boggling escape rooms are specifically designed to challenge your skills, test your limits, and build your capacity to think outside the box. Besides that, you will experience the rush of excitement and a sense of achievement after cracking the code and solving the puzzle at hand.

If you have doubts before signing up for this amazing experience in your life, let us breakdown what’s in store for you. 

Below are the 5 different lock puzzle types that you may encounter at our unique American escape rooms:

●    Key Locks:

In this puzzle, you will have to work with your partners to find a key hidden somewhere in the room. You’ll be aided by clues and helpful signs that will lead you to the key. Being vigilant pays off in spades when solving this puzzle. So, make sure you leave no stone unturned.

At American Escape Rooms, you don’t have to worry about any viruses. Our rooms are sanitized before the arrival of each individual or group. We also provide the necessary equipment (masks) to keep you safe from the actual danger of COVID-19. Find out more about our safety policies.

Ancient key in a lock.

●    Password Locks:

These locks are encrypted and can only be opened via numerical codes that you must find by deciphering clues and solving puzzles. In this lock puzzle, look for numbers around the room, even if they don’t make sense. Write down all the numbers and try out different combinations. This way, you will open the lock even if you can’t figure out the pattern! However, you need to keep the one-hour time constraint in mind. You can get some practice beforehand. Perhaps, you can become more familiar with number lock puzzles by solving this

●    Riddle Lock Puzzles:

The locks are designed to test your logic and ability to crack the code using word analogies. You will have some clues around you to help with the riddle. Sometimes, the riddles you encounter are general word puzzles. Put your thinking cap on, and you will get the answer! Most riddle lock puzzles lead you to a key, give you a code, or reveal a door that takes you to the next challenge. Hence, don’t get confused by their complexity; they only bring you one step closer to a successful finish! 

●    Directional Locks:

These locks are considered the most difficult; however, remember that escape rooms are designed to stimulate your brain and test your team. Hence, you can unravel the mystery by working together and connecting the dots. A directional lock puzzle will give you clues such as up/down/left/right or North/South/East/West. You have to find the right combination that makes use of these directional clues. For most people, resetting the lock is perplexing. Many people reset incorrectly, which doesn’t unlock even if the combination is right. Hence, familiarize yourself with the padlock before to avoid getting stuck. 

Image of the type of padlock that can be expected by the customers.

●    Math Lock Puzzles:

Now, you must be thinking, “I have to revise mathematical formulas to try American Escape Rooms?” Well, don’t worry! These math questions are pretty straightforward. Besides, even complex questions become easy to solve when working with a team of friends and family. A math question will most often lead you to find one digit in the lock’s combination code or lead you to another clue. This lock puzzle tests your ability to solve puzzles quickly and work with others as a team. 

Be prepared to encounter variations of lock puzzles that are mind-boggling, confusing, difficult, and/or scary. However, not knowing what you’ll get is half the fun, right? American Escape Rooms offer different types of thematic experiences, such as Bomb! Madness! Twisted! and Virus! Each room is curated to create the most unique and overwhelming moment for you and your group. 

So are you ready to try out one of our escape games now and crack the code? Book now and have fun safely with your family or friends at American Escape Rooms!