Which escape room fits you? Fill out our personality test and find out!

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Who am I?

Maybe the most straightforward question on the word. However, the answer is more complicated than it seems at first sight.

Personality is a complex ingredient of the human being. Since ancient times, many philosophers and wise men have been wondering about its nature, depth, and layers. The profound reform in the analysis of human characters has been proceeding around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, and it is still in progress. Theories, hypotheses, and never-ending examinations have transformed the antique idea about the four basic personality traits (irascible, melancholy, sanguine, phlegmatic). According to “the latest fashion,” five different characteristic dimensions are distinguished in psychology, the so-called Big5; the OCEAN, namely: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism.

More and more psychologists are convinced that these personality traits determine our character genetically. In addition to these biological markers, our social and natural environment (workplace, school; living in a village or a big city), our role within the society (parent, employer, employee, kid...), and even our free time activities, hobbies (reading, playing basketball, playing an instrument, visiting escape rooms, collecting watches...) are decisive.

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How can we find out which dimension we belong to?

Anyway, are we limited to only one trait or are we the patchwork of these all? 

The list of personality tests is long and colorful. Here below, you can find one simple, not professional but amusing personality questionnaire! Complete it and make it clear, which personality trait is dominant in you! Moreover, with this knowledge, we will show you the most suitable escape room at American Escape Rooms, which is suggested for you to try out!

Take a great breath and a chance on this questionnaire to figure out who is inside of you!

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The Personality test.

Answer the questions below, and write down the number of the answer. In the end, please, count how many 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 have been chosen. Our personality is complex. So you are supposed to have at least one from all numbers.

After that make an order! For example, you had 50 pieces of 5; 25 pieces of 4; 15 pieces of 3;  6 pieces of 2 and 4 pieces of 1. That means that trait 5 is the most characteristic for you, and so on.

Which number belongs to which trait? Please, have a look only AFTER completing the test!

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Ready, steady, go! ;)

Personality test

Personality test

personality test

Personality test

Personality test



 The way out of a labyrinth marked with a red pen

Mostly 5: Extraversion.

You are supposed to be audacious, who can bravely face the unknown. A crazy, infected world could be saved most effectively by personalities like you!
Let’s visit the VIRUS! escape room!

Mostly 4: Openness.

Your creative mind is needed to be a step more forward than the world-threatening agent.
Your escape room is BOMB!

Mostly 3: Conscientiousness.

Accuracy, well-organization, reality: all those traits that you have by nature. Clean up even the most hidden corner of the brain!
Let yourself immerse in the TWISTED! escape room!

Mostly 2: Agreeableness.

Your team has to face a mad professor! It is said that a lot of mental problems are rooted in a lack of love and affection. Who could treat this kind of ill mind and soul like this better than you?
Escape room MADNESS! is waiting for you!

Mostly 1: Neuroticism.

You need to strengthen your character to be able to enjoy and not just to survive the everyday! Therefore, visit all of the American Escape Rooms and take the most from them!