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Make Fall 2021 unforgettable! 3+1 ideas to have fun!

Fall is a beautiful season: the sun is already not blisteringly hot but warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities in the colorful nature. There are rainy days. Nevertheless, they are still not too cold and grey.  Only because fall is followed by summer, people perceive it as something negative: the closure of the vivid summertime, the beginning of school, and the boring everydays. Swap this depressive point of view to a more positive perspective! It could be blizzards, …

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7 + 1 tricky escape room strategies, which you didn't think about yet!

Have you ever played escape games?  If yes, you know how busy those 60 minutes are and how important it is to structure them well. If you have never tried out yourself in any escape rooms, you might be a bit uncertain about how you should begin to look for the clues.  Regardless of which time you go into an escape room, you should consider escape games strategies to play effectively and find the way out. American Escape Rooms composed a guide about the 7 trickiest escape r…

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How can you overcome your biggest fears through escape games?

Spider, snake, darkness, black cat, Friday 13, height, flying, storms with lightning, narrow, closed spaces, needle, birds… Inconveniences, anxieties, fears piling up to phobias. Which are your biggest fears? Why do we have them? Are they biologically determined or the products of the social life and the environment we are surrounded by? Are they the healthy parts of our life or when are they inhibitors already? What are the solutions to combat the biggest fears? If it is pos…

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7 personality traits that can be strengthened in escape rooms

All human beings have unique personalities. Even the identical twins are distinct people, however, their outfit is the same. Our personality is a wonderful complex inside the physical body. It determines and directs our activities, thoughts, beliefs. It influences our social relations, work performance, and career. Nevertheless, our character is partly genetically encoded, we have the ability to change it profoundly. Moreover, our living space, the environment, and the peo…

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Which escape room fits you? Fill out our personality test and find out!

Who am I? Maybe the most straightforward question on the word. However, the answer is more complicated than it seems at first sight. Personality is a complex ingredient of the human being. Since ancient times, many philosophers and wise men have been wondering about its nature, depth, and layers. The profound reform in the analysis of human characters has been proceeding around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, and it is still in progress. Theories, hypotheses, a…

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What can you learn from Sherlock Holmes to use in an escape room?

What can you learn from Sherlock Holmes to use in an escape room?

Without a doubt, Sherlock Holmes is the symbol of intelligent investigation, the high-standard model of the detectives, the predecessor of Poirot, Miss Marple, Murdock and let’s say of Mr. Bond. His cloak, deerstalker cap and pipe had become symbols of the detectives. What had been his secret of success? What kind of tools and methods had he applied to reveal the darkest mysteries? If he lived today, how much time would he need to escape from an escape room? Or, could we bene…

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3+1 Best detective stories to read before going to an escape room

Have you ever thought about the relationship between literature and escape rooms? Have you ever heard about C. Auguste Dupin, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple? All escape games are based on the chain of mysteries which hide the code for the escape. Your task is to get closer, step by step to the exit through brain-challenges. That was exactly the goal of the upper-mentioned detectives as well: to figure out who had been the perpetrators of the actual crime throu…

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3+1 things you must do this summer before getting back to school!

It is August, again! We have to get back to school soon! How? We have just finished the last tests, but we can write the next one soon. In the summer, time passes definitely faster! Never mind, we have some more days left to enjoy the holiday! Due to our limited free time, let's spend it meaningfully with such experiences whose memory can give you power, motivation even on the greyest morning!  However, smartphones, virtual reality provide you with a vivid world, the mos…

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Ways to increase your productivity.

If you often feel like there’s a lack of productivity throughout your day, welcome to the club. Having problems with our productivity levels is something that we all experience. Fluctuating productivity can be frustrating, as you want to do things but somehow aren’t able to.   However, there are ways to fix that. You can successfully get back the consistency that’s required to achieve the maximum amount of productivity that you can. All you need is the will to do so, and th…

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Birthday set up.

Try the 5 best birthday party ideas

Sweet sixteen can be the most important birthday of your life, isn’t it? But all birthdays are fun, exciting, and special. You wait a whole year to celebrate your day your way. And why not? Your one and only sweet sixteen should be a unique day with nothing but immense adventure and exciting activities. You deserve to be treated with nothing but the best, and you for sure should throw a huge birthday party to celebrate.  Invite everyone you know (that way you get more pres…

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